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Chivalry 2 Beginner Mistakes


With many new additions & tweaks that have been added to Chivalry 2, it’s easy to jump straight ahead into the game & enjoy the total mayhem & gorefest. Yet new players will likely encounter the same issues by repeatedly gravitating toward the death mosh pits when players charge headlong into the fray.

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Featuring 3 different factions, a multitude of modes, & maps suited for various playstyles, there is much to enjoy from Chivalry 2 despite being released back in the earlier half of 2021. However, with Chivalry veterans displaying their battle prowess by sniping players with their crossbows or riding down newbies on their mounts, gameplay can get pretty disheartening for newcomers.


5/5 Avoid Horses (For Now)

Chivalry 2 Mason cavalry

This isn’t to say that new players should avoid the experience of horseback combat completely but newbies should know that horseback riding introduces different mechanics entirely. The option to spawn in as cavalry is a very enticing option & new players may be inspired by the speed & deadly effect that mounted troops display. That said, mastering the ropes is a completely different experience & could leave newcomers exceedingly frustrated with the controls & disappointed with the outcome.

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On horseback, players need to note the timing of their lance or strike as precision matters a lot. This is already a challenge for returning players, which means new players will likely struggle while mounted. Instead, newbies should explore the different classes & respective weaponry first before mounting up & riding down their foes.

4/5 Becoming A Jack Of All Trades

Chivalry 2 Team Respawn

It makes sense that every class should be tried, variety is the spice of life after all. Each class also has its respective strengths— archers can snipe enemies from afar, veterans offer players the most stamina, whilst knights have superior health & can tank a lot of damage. However, players should stick to one of the 4 main classes as each of them have a path of progression. The archer class for example starts players off with a longbow but time spent in this class opens up the ability to wield a crossbow or even a javelin, whilst introducing improved variants of existing starter weapons.

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Players should most definitely play however they want. That said, it is recommended that players upgrade a particular class before jumping off onto the next to get that particular class’ full potential.

3/5 Switch To Third Person

Chivalry 2 Tips Third Person Perspective

Whilst 1st person view can seem intense & full-on, switching over to the third-person can help players master the art of combat in those very early skirmishes. This is because melees can get very crowded with multiple allies & foes clashing with one another at the same time. Add fuel to the fire by having eager newcomers with an axe to grind entering the fray & its absolute chaos.

To reduce the amount of confusion, players can go into third-person mode & be able to observe their swings, parries, & more with ease. Players will also be able to observe their surroundings & avoid surprise jabs & stabs from new assailants, be they hostile or friendly. Though this may Wreck immersion (particularly for the archer class) players will be able to get the hang of combat with ease. Additionally, players can swap views depending on their preferences or circumstance without needing a Wreck.

2/5 Don’t Engage Solo


Unless players are exceptionally skilled, going in solo is a death sentence. The game is about completing objectives as a team & whilst 1 v 1 battles do occur, they are usually interrupted by others in seconds as everyone rushes in to fulfill their respective objectives. By going in first, players are essentially painting themselves as a target for the enemy. Players in Chivalry typically get consumed with tunnel vision & unless there is another threat nearby, they are most likely focused on one target before dealing with the rest.

A good beginner strategy that will serve newcomers well is to wait until some allies have rushed in & then Open to pick off the most vulnerable of enemies. That way, players will likely draw less heat & score some solid kills.

1/5 Go For The Objective

Chivalry 2 Risposte Blocking

Like most other team-based objective games, Chivalry features many maps that pit an attacking team against a defending one. Whilst it’s good to focus on getting better by improving one’s fighting skills in a 1 v 1 fight, that should never supersede the objective at stake. Players will most likely have to destroy various things or control key points during a game or prevent the attacking team from doing so. With many distractions on the field, it’s important to ensure the objective is carried out.

Those on the attacking team should pursue their objective as it opens up the map, offering additional challenges & a change of pace to the game round. Defenders will get the opportunity to hold back the onslaught of enemy steel & arrows (& also embarrass the other team by demonstrating how superior their team is). It’s good to be a team player as it’s just so satisfying to celebrate a good win with a b& of brothers clad in armor.

Chivalry 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, & Xbox Series X/S.

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