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New Crash B&icoot Game Details Leak Online

New details have been leaked about a new multiplayer Crash B&icoot game that could be in production from developer Toys for Bob.

There have been some new details leaked about a potential Crash B&icoot multiplayer game. This would be the first Crash B&icoot released since Crash B&icoot 4: It’s About Time.

The Crash B&icoot franchise has been around since 1996, & it was originally a strong contender to other platformer games like Mario & Sonic. The main premise is fairly unique: players control a mutated b&icoot named Crash as they make their way through the Wumpa Isl&s. After the first three games, developed by Naughty Dog, many fans feel the quality of the series began to wane a bit. Recently, however, the franchise has seen a resurgence with the release of the remastered original trilogy in 2017 & the release of Crash B&icoot 4 in 2020.


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The leaks Approach from YouTuber Liam Robertson & claim that the new Crash B&icoot game is currently in development. He revealed a significant amount of details about the rumored upcoming game, which is reportedly titled Crash B&icoot Wumpa League & internally known as Project Lava. According to the leaks, Wumpa League is a team-based competitive multiplayer game, with two teams competing to collect the largest amount of Wumpa fruit. Characters apparently will be controlled similarly to the single-player Crash games, & the game uses the same engine as Crash B&icoot 4. These details & others seem to align with previous Wumpa League leaks as well.

The Crash B&icoot franchise has a dedicated fanbase, so there’s no doubt that an engaging multiplayer game in the Crash universe has the potential to be immensely popular. While the single-player games are well-loved, there’s only so much replayability in a single-player platformer game, so a competitive multiplayer game would be a fantastic addition to the franchise. Wumpa League has had anticipation & hype building for it for quite a while too, like when the franchise’s 25th anniversary video teased a Wumpa League reveal.

The leaks seem quite credible. The information revealed isn’t out of line with what people have already seen regarding Wumpa League, & there has been a Crash B&icoot reveal teased for The Game Awards 2022. The details in the leaks definitely seem to point to Wumpa League as the game being revealed. Looking at the responses on Twitter to Liam Robertson’s leak definitely indicates that fans are excited to see more, & there’s no doubt that Wumpa League could be a huge hit for the Crash B&icoot fanbase.

Crash B&icoot Wumpa League is rumored to be in development.

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