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Cutest Anime Insects


Though most people have an aversion to the insect kingdom & anything bug-related, insects have been featured extensively in various manga & anime as well as other mediums. Whether to induce a comic effect in a slice-of-life romantic comedy or an integral part of a magic system within a fantasy world, insects have certainly made their mark, whether directly or subconsciously.

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More recently, animators & storytellers have tried new ways to envision insects to normalize & change audience perceptions despite shows about bugs in existence for decades. Recent examples include recent shows such as Lucas The Spider which caters to young children & western audiences, depicting spiders as cute & misunderstood. Anime has also done the same throughout the years, reimagining supposed everyday ‘vermin’ into cute & approachable critters that seek to not harm.


4/4 Baby Ohmu (Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind)

Baby Ohmu & Nausicaa from Nausicaa

As Hayao Miyazaki’s debut epic from Studio Ghibli, Nausicaa remains an instant classic in the eyes of manga & anime fans worldwide. Set in a post-apocalyptic world in which the l&s were left ruined & hazardous to humans after an event known as the Seven Days of Fire, the story focuses on a young princess from a small tribe in the Valley of the Wind. With mankind eeking out an existence around the sea of corruption, the world is dominated by colossal insets known as Ohmu – intelligent & benign creatures that act as guardians of the forests that have spread out. Though docile & Quiet, these creatures can become berserk when an insect is brutally killed, which can lead to entire villages & civilizations becoming trampled into oblivion.

Though adults can be massive, the baby Ohmu can be carried like a small cat in a person’s arms (a scene that has happened many times throughout the series). Though they may seem eerie at first as they display many eyes & a hard exterior shell, the Ohmu young can be playful & simply adorable in the right circumstances, should the person dealing with them be accepted by the larger, more imposing adults. Whilst the anime movie is breathtaking, fans should check out the manga series as it exp&s the story & world immensely. Some fans have even likened the series to being as epic & cinematic as Tolkien’s work.

3/4 White/Kumoko (So I’m A Spider, So What?)


Sometimes life gives people lemons. That’s exactly what happens to Kumoko who gets transformed into a spider whilst some of her schoolmates become lords, ladies, or even demon overlords in a fantasy world. To add acid to the fire, Kumoko is thrust into the most dangerous dungeon where survival of the fittest is the motto.

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Yet Kumoko can untangle the difficulties & complexities of the deadly labyrinth & emerge as one of the most powerful entities in the world. Yet despite being in such a horrid place, Kumoko oozes much cuteness throughout her ordeal winning not only the potential allies she encounters but also fans from all over. This a definite recommendation for viewers who want a unique take on the Isekai genre & a different perspective on RPG mechanics within an anime.

2/4 Hutch (The Adventures Of Hutch The Honeybee)

Hutch the honeybee

Though appearing cute & targeted at kids, The Adventures of Hutch the Honeybee’s appearance belies a dark & more savage story. The story follows Hutch, the son of the Queen Bee whose entire colony gets wiped out by a b& of wasps. Though saved by another queen, Hutch goes on a journey to find his long-lost mother whom he believes is still alive.

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Whilst, the series was released back in the 70s, the show still contains many-layered & relatable themes about friendship, loss, & love. Hutch meets many friends along the way but many unfortunately meet grisly or tragic ends. Whilst it may seem like it’s all doom & gloom, Hutch himself is a cute little rascal who tries to do the right thing in each circumstance & the story itself ends quite happily for the main characters.

1/4 Rui & Female Members Of The Spider Family (Demon Slayer)

spider family demon slayer

Whilst the show itself isn’t about insects, some of the demons & Hashira within the story display insect abilities & powers. Whilst, the spider family from the Mount Natagumo arc only features briefly within the show, several members of the family such as Rui, his mother, & his sister can be considered utterly adorable. That is, of course, they are cute in a brutal, dark, & cruel sort of way.

Highlighting pale features with blotches of red on their face & bodies, the female members of the spider family & Rui appear as ghostly apparitions whilst retaining some sense of humanity. Although technically demons, their countenance, & design are a breath of fresh air from the other traditional demons that have appeared earlier. Combined with interesting powers that are different emanations of spider abilities, these deadly characters will remain in the minds of viewers long after their arc is over.

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