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How to Use Photo Mode


Photo Mode offers a robust set of fine-tuning options as well as a wide assortment of recognizable poses, wacky stickers, & cinematic frames.

V & Ozob side by side in a shootout

Cyberpunk 2077 showcases the Unbelievable ambition CD Projekt Red has for the graphical fidelity of their games. Cyberpunk 2077 uses cutting-edge resolution scaling & brilliant Ray Tracing to enable a truly incredible level of detail. At its best, the game is a marvel to behold. It may have launched in a less than optimal state, but Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most Dazzling games on the market. The ingenious Photo Mode included in the game enables players to capture its many precious moments in intimate detail. Photo Mode offers a robust set of options for fine-tuning a shot as well as a wide assortment of recognizable poses, wacky stickers, & cinematic frames.


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How To Use Photo Mode In Cyberpunk 2077

The Photo Mode menu with V being awkward in the background

To activate Photo Mode on PC, press ‘N’. On console, click the left & right sticks at the same time. Once activated, the camera turns around to get a good look at V’s awesome threads. A detailed menu pops up, & control prompts appear based on the player’s input method.

With a controller, the right analog stick controls the orientation of the camera (pitch & yaw), & the left analog stick controls side-to-side as well as forward & backward movement. The left & right triggers control vertical movement. With a keyboard & mouse, the mouse h&les all the movement. Left click moves the camera up, down, & side-to-side, right click adjusts pitch & yaw, & the mouse wheel controls distance.

The options in the menu cover everything from delicate camera adjustments to entirely different backgrounds. Some options aren’t available when V is sitting or interacting with something. Players can navigate the menu to select options & fine-tune the shot as desired.

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The Photo Mode menu

Cyberpunk is one in a h&ful of games that have extensive Photo Mode options. Here’s an overview of the tabs in the Photo Mode menu & some tips on how to get the most out of them:

  • Camera: Check out the wide selection of Presets available for setting up quick & easy screenshots. Use Field of View & Rotation to capture just the right angle.
  • Depth of Field: Keep Depth of Field & Auto Focus enabled for the easiest experience, but to capture more of the background in focus, disable Auto Focus to fine-tune the Focus Distance & Aperture.
  • Pose: There’s a plethora of poses to choose from. There are two categories: Idle & Action. Each has their own suite of selections to choose from. Many poses also have their own options such as a Muzzle Flash, or forcing V to face the camera.
  • Effect: From this tab, many full-screen effects can be added or adjusted: Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, & many more. The Effect field at the bottom has a selection of color-shifting effects.
  • Stickers: A huge list of stickers are available to choose from & they can be placed anywhere on the screen. This tab is also where players can choose frames & change the entire background of the scene.
  • Load/Save: This is where players can access any specific shot configurations they’ve saved. This, & the Presets in the Camera tab are especially useful for getting perfectly framed shots without having to fine-tune everything from scratch every time.

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V & Ozob side by side in a shootout

Camera Depth of Field Pose Effect Stickers
Preset 4 Default Category: Action Contrast: 10 4 Stickers
Rotate 5 Pose: Be Chilly, This Is a Robbery! Highlights: 50 Frame: 49
Muzzle Flash: On Effect: 9
Expression: Fury

A punked-out V doing a h&st& while firing a pistol surrounded by graffiti.

Camera Depth of Field Pose Effect Stickers
Default Default Category: Action Default 8 Stickers
Pose: Hold my Beer Frame: 37
Background: 7

A wholesome drink shared with Jackie Welles at the Afterlife

Camera Depth of Field Pose Effect Stickers
N/A Off N/A Exposure: 20 3 Stickers
Contrast: 15 Frame: 1
Highlights: 50

Cyberpunk 2077 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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