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The Dark Pictures Anthology Takes on Sci-Fi Horror With Directive 8020


An unsettling new trailer unveils sci-fi horror game Directive 8020, the latest entry in Supermassive Games’ The Dark Pictures Anthology.

Screenshot from The Dark Pictures Anthology Directive 8020 trailer with logo overlaid

The latest game in Supermassive Games’ chilling The Dark Pictures Anthology series of horror titles has been revealed with a terrifying trailer. The brief glimpse at the upcoming sci-fi horror game, titled Directive 8020, was included as a mid-credit Easter egg in the British developer’s new horror game The Devil In Me.

Developer Supermassive Games’ The Dark Pictures Anthology is a series of cinematic horror games published by B&ai Namco Entertainment that debuted with 2019’s Man of Medan. After receiving generally positive reviews from fans & critics, Man of Medan was followed by sequels Little Hope, House of Ashes, & the upcoming The Devil in Me. Each game in the series features a new cast & setting, & tasks players with trying to survive a series of terrifying scenarios heavily inspired by classic horror films. In addition to The Dark Pictures Anthology titles, Supermassive Games also developed recent summer camp slasher game The Quarry.


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In a brief trailer included as a mid-credits scene in The Devil In Me, Supermassive Games has revealed that season two of The Dark Pictures Anthology will premiere with sci-fi horror game Directive 8020. The one-minute trailer opens with a camera drifting through a seemingly empty spaceship, with drops of blood & shattered helmets floating in zero-g. A disembodied voice on the radio states that everything is under control before another voice interrupts the transmission, frantically describing being violently attacked as the screen flashes to the ship’s interior covered in a strange growth. The trailer ends with a planet visible in the distance as the first voice mentions arriving at “humanity’s future home.”

Closing with a heading announcing the game as The Dark Pictures Anthology season 2 premiere, Directive 8020’s short trailer sets up the premise of what looks like a looming, alien threat that would feel right at home in any sci-fi horror movie. Moving to a sci-fi setting is a Enormous departure for a franchise with recent entries set in more “grounded” locations like a Mesopotamian temple & a sinister museum, but it should allow Supermassive Games to deliver a new style of horror compared to its predecessors, which primarily focused on supernatural terrors. It is unclear at this point whether Directive 8020 is the new horror game by Supermassive that was teased by The Quarry director Will Byles in an interview earlier this year.

After several years of dormancy, sci-fi horror looks to be experiencing a bit of a revival in the gaming industry. With titles like EA’s Dead Space remake, the brutal & bloody The Callisto Protocol, & a reimagining of the sci-fi classic System Shock all nearing release, it’s a good time to be a horror gamer. If Supermassive Games can manage to successfully bring their trademark tense & terrifying gameplay to the sci-fi horror genre, then horror fans will be in for a spooky treat whenever Directive 8020 releases.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Directive 8020 is currently in development.

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