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The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me is the latest game in the Dark Pictures Anthology series, which can be played as a st&alone or as an entire series. The player must fight for their lives in the Murder Castle, trying to make it out in a house with a murderer who wants to become the most famous serial killer.

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There are multiple players who are going to immediately take to the game, but there are also going to be people who do not know what they are doing. As such, it might be best to keep a few beginner tips in mind before diving in headfirst.


6/6 Multiple Playthroughs Unlock All Content

The Devil in Me - Hallway

There are a lot of choices that a player can make in the game The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me. As many of these are permanent & change the course of the storyline during a player’s save file, it is to be expected that they will not be able to see the results of all the choices they have.

If a player wants to see everything that the game has to offer, they are going to have to play through the game multiple times. This is how the player is going to be able to make all of the choices they have available & see the full story.

5/6 Remember That Doing Nothing Is Valid Sometimes

The Devil in Me - Two People

There will be many choices that are time sensitive, & it may be tempting to immediately make a decision every time a player is presented with one. However, something that will make a player feel better is that they do not always have to say something.

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Surprisingly, a player does not always have to respond to somebody when presented with a choice of what to say. Staying silent is a perfectly valid option – as it can allow players to learn more information – & sometimes it’s even the right option for a player to take in situations, though it may take some guessing to figure out when to say nothing.

4/6 Remember When The Game Saves

The Devil in Me - Table

Saving is going to be very important to learn, especially since there are many choices a player will be presented with. A player may think that they are going to be able to manually save, but that is not the case – the only save function that The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me has to offer is an autosave function.

It is worth learning when the game will autosave – after all, a player does not want to quit the game, pick it up & find they lost progress. Essentially, the game saves after a player makes a choice or switches perspective to another person.

3/6 Keep A Close Eye Out For Lore

The Devil in Me - Corpse

A player will not be able to gather up the full story just from playing through the main storyline. In fact, a large part of the whole Dark Pictures Anthology series is how much world-building & lore is put into the extra tidbits that are easy for a player to miss.

Essentially, if a player wants to learn the full story, they are going to have to comb through every piece of the game. That includes investigating every item they get in hopes of learning a little more about the world around them & getting the full picture.

2/6 Be Selfless Sometimes

The Devil in Me - Person

While it is easy for a player to be selfish – that is, thinking about themselves & their immediate safety first things first – sometimes that is not the right path for a player to go down. Although it is how a player will be able to get themselves out of danger in the short term, sometimes being selfish will actually harm them.

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By being selfish, important characters will be killed off in the long run, which can include friends or the player – things that will prevent a player from getting the best ending. It is best to keep themselves up to fight the beast, as a player can actually fend off their threats, but their friends cannot do so.

1/6 Picture Frames Are Worth Examining

The Devil in Me - Pier

Something that a player needs to know if they want to investigate further into the mystery that plagues the game is what to do when they see a picture frame that is glowing. Although these frames do not really give much info on the lore of the world, they do something equally important.

If a player were to examine these frames with a glowing aura, they will be able to see a glimpse into the future. These worst-case scenario types will be very helpful for a player to know, especially if they are walking into a particularly dangerous situation they are unsure about.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Meis available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & Series S, & Microsoft Windows.

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