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The Devil in Me: Should You Kiss Erin?


Early in The Devil in Me, players will play as Jamie, who has just gotten to her room in the mansion, & she has the option to start some romance.


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The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me is filled with a whole lot of important choices. In order to get through the game & get the best possible endings, players will want to know what kind of changes each choice will make. There is a Enormous choice early on; Jamie has the option to kiss another character, & this is an important choice. And The Devil in Me players will only have a few seconds to decide if it is better to kiss their coworker Erin or to turn this Dazzling lady away.


Erin & Jamie in The Devil in Me

Early on in the game, players will get introduced to both The Devil in Me characters Erin & Jamie. Jamie is kind of a smart aleck, & she seems to enjoy being snarky & making fun of her coworkers & their fears. Erin’s character, however, is a little bit more of a mystery as she keeps to herself. But she seems nervous, quiet, & a lot more ladylike than Jamie would ever like to be.

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But as they say, opposites attract, & there is a moment in the well-received horror title The Devil in Me where the rulebreaker Jamie & the by-the-book Erin can have a romantic moment. Is it best to kiss the girl, or should Jamie leave their relationship professional instead?

To Kiss or Not to Kiss

In order to earn the achievement or trophy called Sparks, players will need to kiss Erin in this very early scene in The Devil in Me. For anyone looking to get as many of the possible 30 to 31 trophies & achievements unlocked, they will need to make sure that this love goes down without a hitch. This will also be important in making some decisions later on in the game as well when it comes to saving everyone from the Halloween-style serial killer in The Devil in Me.


What Happens if Jamie Doesn’t Kiss Erin?

Although most choices matter a lot in this horror game, there don’t appear to be any negative ramifications if players decide to skip out on love this time around. However, it can make some decisions in the game a little harder to figure out, both for Jamie & the player. The major downside of not locking lips will mostly be missing that hidden trophy or achievement, & even players that don’t 100% games will want to grab this easy one.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, & Xbox Series S/X.


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