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Dead by Daylight Releases Forged in Fog Chapter

Dead by Daylight turns back time with a chapter themed around the medieval, featuring a particularly unique killer with an ambitious power.

Dead by Daylight has decided to take the game in a bold new direction with its latest chapter, Forged in Fog. Drawing inspiration from medieval times, Chapter 26 of Dead by Daylight introduces players to an archaic killer with a complex kit in addition to a new survivor, map, & perks.

Despite Dead by Daylight having an expansive underlying story revolving around a creature known only as The Entity abducting people from various timelines & historical periods, breaking their minds by forcing them to take part in its cruel trials, the game’s playable roster has very few characters with origins firmly rooted in the distant past. The latest addition to the killer roster, however, is inspired by the dark ages & has brought along some friends.


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The Knight has now entered the realm of the Entity in the Forged in Fog Chapter, possessing a unique power known as Guardia Compagnia. Using this ability, the Knight can summon & cycle through his three AI-controlled guards, each of which excels in a particular aspect of the game. While the Assassin quickly pursues survivors & inflicts the deep wound effect upon injuring them, the Jailer is great at patrolling large areas for prolonged periods, & the Carnifex can interact with the environment faster. Though using each of his three guards effectively will most certainly be a tough task, a Knight player who does so will surely be a force to be reckoned with, especially if they use one of the strongest Dead by Daylight killer builds.

Chapter 26 builds upon the foundation of the Knight in order to tell a coherent story, also introducing a survivor by the name of Vittorio Toscano. Vittorio, who was once a Lord, was betrayed & tortured by the same Knight who now st&s before him in the realm of the Entity. The map introduced in the latest chapter, The Shattered Square, is also closely related to the story of the Knight & Vittorio, having once been a flourishing village before the Knight & his vile cohort reduced it to ruin. In addition to these five new characters – the most introduced in a single Dead by Daylight chapter since The Legion, Advance six new perks. Vittorio’s perks are aimed at aiding his team by helping them complete difficult generators, while the Knight’s own perks focus on punishing cocky survivors.

With Dead by Daylight being bold enough to take inspiration from medieval times & channel it into a unique killer capable of summoning three AI-controlled guards, the future looks Sparkling for the asymmetrical genre. While recent critics of Dead by Daylight have argued that some of the game’s newer killers feel like reskins of older designs due to their similar abilities, the release of the Knight shows that Behaviour Interactive is still capable of innovating their game more than six years after launch. However, it remains to be seen just how strong the Knight will truly be when compared to other powerful Dead by Daylight killers.

Dead by Daylight is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, & mobile devices.

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