December 7 Wordle Respond 536


Every day, the New York Times Game gives players a br&-new Wordle word to work through, & players may need some hints for today’s word.


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Another day means yet another Wordle word of the day. Players will need to guess this mystery word in just six tries, & some might want a helping h& to get through today with a win.

How To Play Wordle

While it went viral back in early 2022, not everyone has tried this word puzzle game just yet. Wordle may be a simple game, but players will first need to learn the rules of how to play before they get started.

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First, players need to make sure they are in the correct place. While it was originally created by an indie developer, Wordle was purchased by the New York Times in February. This article is all about this original version; there are tons of copycats out there, but they will have different answers & might have slightly different rules of play.

In order to play, choose a starting Wordle word. Good starter words follow all the rules of Wordle answers; here is some help to make the best starter possible.

  • Wordle answers are always five-letters long & real English words that aren’t proper nouns.
  • While they can be used as guesses, Wordle answers never repeat & never are plural nouns ending in S or ES.
  • Good starters always have a good variety of common letters to Wordle puzzles.

Once a good starter is chosen, type it into the Wordle site & press enter. This will cause its letters to change colors.

  • Green letters are right & in the right place(s) in the word.
  • Yellow letters are right but are in the wrong place(s) in the word.
  • Gray letters are incorrect & won’t be in the final word.

Given these clues, keep trying new words & getting new hints. Players have six total tries to get to the Respond. Puzzles reset at midnight local time.

Hints for the Wordle 536 for December 7, 2022

For anyone who is looking for just a few hints & not the whole Respond, check below. The full spoiler for today is lower down in the article.

  • Today’s five-letter Wordle word ends with a T.
  • There are no duplicated letters in this word.
  • This word is a noun & a verb.
  • It contains two total vowels.
  • This word also contains one J.
  • It is usually associated with armored knights.
  • This word contains one U.

Respond for Wordle 536 for December 7, 2022

If players want the spoiler for today, check below the image. The Respond is just underneath the image.


The Respond to Wordle puzzle 536 is JOUST.

Wordle is available for any browser.

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