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Future Dell Keyboards & Laptops Could Feature Palm Rests with Haptic Feedback for Gamers


A patent from Dell shows the possibility for haptic feedback technology to be implemented in future keyboard & palm rests.


Dell has registered a patent to implement haptic feedback technology within future keyboards & palm rests. Dell is typically known for supplying PC components & laptops to offices around the world, however, it also owns the Alienware br&, which is a popular choice of equipment for gamers.

The debate about which input method to use while playing video games has been ongoing for a very long time. Both camps have valid pros & cons when it comes to this argument. The highly opinionated YouTuber Dr. Disrespect gave his two cents on the controller vs keyboard & mouse debate when it comes to certain games. The team at Dell however looks to potentially settle this quarrel with a new patent.


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The patent aims to provide real-time feedback when a user carries out a certain function such as when a trackpad on a laptop is pressed. The listing goes deeper than this & looks to implement feedback at certain points in a gaming environment. As a gamer plays through a game, the palm rest would give feedback for things like explosions or when a car crash is detected within the game itself.


For some gamers, the thought of having some real-time feedback, particularly in a racing game or a first-person shooter would be welcome. After all, console players can feel the recoil of a gun from a controller. The advanced haptics from the PlayStation 5’s Dualsense controller elevates the gaming experience even further, with its pressure-sensitive triggers adding another level of realism to the game.

Although with the precise nature of the mouse & keyboard, this could certainly put off some players. The mouse & keyboard setup is designed with accuracy in mind & is particularly vital when playing online shooters such as Call of Duty Warzone. One unwarranted rumble at the wrong time could very well mean the difference between winning a game or being taken out early.

While it is likely players won’t see this kind of tech for some time, it is nevertheless exciting to see what ideas are being thought of to advance the gaming scene. Dell, however, is not the first company to think of a more immersive way to play. A group of ex-Razer designers has created an alternative to gaming keyboards with a motion controller. How well it fares remains to be seen but with the possibility of haptic feedback in a keyboard, it seems the research team at Dell is looking to solve the keyboard vs controller problem for good.

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