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Larger than Life Demon Slayer Plushies Available for Preorder


Five characters from the popular anime Demon Slayer have been turned into giant plushies & are available for pre-order in your home. These plushies are much larger than average, close to the size of an actual human, though with a much cuter design. They are being produced by Taito & are available now for pre-order, with a delivery schedule that depends on the character.

In the world of anime merch&ise available, plushies of favorite characters remain popular for otaku of all ages. Most of the time, these plushies are a “chibi” version of the character, which is a super cute, though a bit deformed, version of a character that gives them enlarged heads & eyes & smaller bodies. When characters are their chibi version, they appear smaller than their normal size.


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These Demon Slayer plushies are the total opposite of that, though. While yes, they are the cute chibi version of these popular characters – they are anything but small. In fact, these new plushies might be around your size! They measure in at around 41.7in (106cm) tall, & weigh almost 20lbs (9kg)! At this point, they are closer to home decor than something to snuggle in bed with.

The characters being released are the five most popular characters from the Demon Slayer series. First up is the main character, Tanjiro, & his demon sister Nezuko, who is the only female character available. The next two are Tanjiro’s best friends & loyal companions Zenitsu & Inosuke. Finally, the fifth character is fan-favorite Rengoku, who remains the most popular Demon Slayer character in Japan even nearly two years after the release of Mugen Train.


Tanjiro & Nezuko just became officially available to order at the end of last week, with shipping scheduled for June. Inosuke & Zenitsu will be available to order from December 23rd with June shipping, & finally Rengoku will be available February 3 & will ship sometime in July.

Our prediction is that the first four characters will be easy enough to order, but Rengoku is the most likely to sell out quickly. His products often sell out first in Japan regardless of what they are due to his popularity. This is likely why his pre-order is the last one available & has its own date so far from the other four. If you have your eyes on Rengoku, get ready to move quickly.

If you do have your sights set on Rengoku, you luckily have a few months to save up your money still. These Demon Slayer plushies cost around $475 USD (¥66,000). At least they are so Huge you probably don’t need to buy more than one of them – or rather, you don’t have the space in your house, anyway.

You can order the giant Demon Slayer plushies through the Taito Products Online Store.

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