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How to Farm Captain’s Coins Fast

A community event to upgrade the Eliksni Quarter has begun in Destiny 2, & here is how players can quickly farm Captain’s Coins.

Though there is only two weeks left in Season 18 of Destiny 2, a new community event started today. Until the start of Season 19, Destiny 2 players can gather a new currency called Captain’s Coins. These coins can then be taken to a chest in the middle of the Tower & donated. The idea behind this event is to help upgrade & improve the Eliksni Quarter of the Last City while earning upgrade materials & cosmetic rewards.

Not only that, but there are community goals that will unlock permanent changes to the Eliskni Quarter along with unlocking other features & options for donating planetary resources instead of Captain’s Coins. It’ll take 400 million coins donated globally to complete the event, & here is the most efficient method of farming Captain’s Coins.


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What Activities Reward Captain’s Coins


Captain’s Coins can be earned almost everywhere in the game, just like with Spectral Pages during Festival of the Lost. Some examples of activities & how many Captain’s Coins can be earned in them is as follows.

  • Public Events – 10 Captain’s Coins
  • Destination Chests – 3 Captain’s Coins
  • Expeditions – 50 Captain’s Coins
  • Ketchcrash – 50 Captain’s Coins
  • Lost Sectors – 14 Captain’s Coins

Players can also get Captain’s Coins from completing other six-player activities like Dares of Eternity & King’s Fall. Captain’s Coins are supposed to drop from Gambit, Crucible, & Strikes but there is currently a bug that is preventing that.

What is the Fastest Way to Farm Captain’s Coins?


At first glance, it may seem like seasonal activities like Expeditions & Ketchcrash are the best way to earn Captain’s Coins. However, that is not the case. On average, Ketchcrash & Expeditions take roughly 10 to 15 minutes to complete. This results in roughly 500 to 750 Captain’s Coins per hour. This also doesn’t take matchmaking into account, so the amount received per hour can potentially be less.

Instead, Destiny 2 players should focus their attention on a Lost Sector called Widow’s Walk. This Lost Sector can be found in the EDZ & is the shortest Lost Sector in the entire game. It takes roughly 30 to 45 seconds for players to reach the boss & kill them. After looting the chest, players can simply leave the Lost Sector & then walk back in to reset it.

Don’t use a L&ing Zone to fast travel out of Widow’s Walk. Simply run out of the Lost Sector & then run back into Widow’s Walk the moment ‘Trostl&’ appears in the lower left-h& corner of the screen.

With how quickly this process can be repeated, it is possible to get up to 28 Captain’s Coins per minute. By farming Widow’s Walk, Destiny 2 players can earn 1,600+ Captain’s Coins per hour. Simply farming Widow’s Walk for an hour & a half will allow players to donate enough Captain’s Coins to earn the exotic Ghost Shell that is exclusive to this community event.

Destiny 2 is available now on Epic Games Store, PS4, PS5, Steam, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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