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Destiny 2 Releases New Cutscene Ahead of Season 19


Bungie releases a new h&-drawn animated Destiny 2 cutscene to conclude the Season of Plunder ahead of the December launch of Season 19.


Bungie is getting ready to launch Destiny 2 Season 19, & the free-to-play FPS has received a new in-game cutscene ahead of its release that caps off the Season of Plunder with an epilogue. Destiny 2 entered the Season of Plunder with a late August update that provided a season pass, pirate hideouts, a new expedition, & Season 19 is set to introduce plenty of its own content when it starts on December 6.

Destiny 2 just dropped a Season of Plunder video that focuses on Osiris & Saint-14 in a classic h&-drawn animated art style as opposed to the usual CG visuals that fans are used to seeing alongside expansion launches. Similar to how Destiny 2‘s Season of Plunder encompassed the Halloween holiday season with an event called Festival of the Lost, Season 19 will include the Winter seasonal activities with the return of the Dawning. Beyond this & the expected battle pass, Destiny 2 will also see an overhauled Crucible PvP experience, a new dungeon, & subclass changes with the transition into Season 19.


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The Season of Plunder epilogue clip posted to YouTube by Esoterickk begins with Mithrax & his allies being helped by the Guardians in the Last City, a central hub of Destiny 2, as Osiris fades away in his bed with Saint-14 helplessly watching. During Mithrax’s studies, a mass of primal darkness is distilled into a drinkable potion that restores a deathly ill Osiris who is being tended to by Saint-14. The cutscene then shows Osiris’ infirmary room filling with visible memories as the character explains that the distilled energy helped him remember the thoughts & fears of the Witch Queen, one of Destiny 2‘s most prominent villains to date.

During the Esoterickk YouTube video, Osiris states that there’s a secret power hidden on Neptune which he discovered through the cosmic connection to Destiny 2 antagonist the Witch Queen. The clip concludes with birds flying into the Cosmodrome horizon after Osiris & Saint-14 embrace each other for the first time since his coma began in the Curse of Osiris DLC. Because the YouTube clip ends by loading the player’s ship in orbit, this Season of Plunder epilogue animated cutscene may be available upon loading Destiny 2, so players can refresh their memory on the lore leading up to Season 19.

Many Destiny 2 players have expressed their entertainment by the fact that Mithrax could turn Nezarec into what appears to be tea in response to the Esoterickk clip, while others have celebrated the unification of Osiris & Saint-14. With much of the community anticipating the arrival of Destiny 2 Season 19 in December, some players have voiced their enthusiasm for the additional lore context leading up to the update.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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