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Devolver Digital Teases Massive Update to Broforce


Devolver Digital reveals a teaser trailer for a massive update to the run-&-gun platformer Broforce, which is the game’s first in years.

Broforce Forever Update 2023

Devolver Digital reveals that Broforce will be getting a massive update for the first time in years, with a teaser trailer showing what to expect. Broforce is a side-scrolling co-op run-&-gun platformer that was originally launched in 2015 for the PC, developed by Free Lives & published by Devolver Digital. Broforce‘s inspirations in gameplay & tone are quite clear, giving the player a smorgasbord of characters to play as, designed after 1980s action heroes. Some of these hero parodies include Mr. T, Die Hard‘s John McClaine, John Rambo, & other action heroes that are called “Bros.”


Over the years, Broforce would get a sporadic amount of updates, either being minor fixes or ports to other systems like the Nintendo Switch & PlayStation 4. However, the last major update that added content to the game was back in 2016, the July 7 update that added a number of Bros based on Bruce Lee, Snake Plissken, & more. For the first time in years, Broforce will be getting an update early next year.

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This update is known as Broforce Forever, which was revealed in a teaser trailer on Devolver Digital’s social media. This animated trailer goes all-in on the hypermasculine machismo that the game goes for, complete with a vocal song that sounds ripped straight from the 80s. It shows the Bros all about to fight the game’s main antagonist, the Devil, where after some postulating & posing, the Devil disintegrates from the light exuding from the Bros.

Devolver Digital notes that this update is not only Huge, & it will be the last update given to the game, which is even emphasized by the lyrics of the song. It further teases the addition of new playable Bros, missions, & more. The tweet states that this update will be coming to the game in early 2023, with no specific release windows other than that.

Many were surprised to see that Broforce would be getting a new update after several years of inactivity other than the aforementioned minor fixes. Some gamers were also happy to see the game get some new content after so long, with many even reminiscing about playing the game at launch six years ago. Regardless, it seems like Broforce will get one last hurrah, giving fans another dose of 80s nostalgia & action.

Broforce is available now for PC, PS4, & Switch.

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