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Best Skills To Upgrade For The Soldier Class

The DioField Chronicle offers players many choices for party members as it has four main Classes of characters: Soldiers, Cavaliers, Sharpshooters, & Magickers. Within these Classes are sub-Classes, two for each, except the Soldier Class, which has three. Each sub-Class uses a different skill, meaning players will have to be well-versed on which ones are the best for each party member.

In The DioField Chronicle, skills are not static & can be upgraded to become more powerful. They are restricted to certain weapon types, so if players want to take advantage of a specific skill, they’ll have to ensure they have the right weapons equipped. These are all the best skills players will need for the Soldier Class.


9/9 Assassination

The Assassination skill attacks the targeted enemy with 450 power & costs only 20 EP. Its cooldown time is 8 seconds. However, the cooldown will be reduced to zero if the attack deals the finishing blow. Players can upgrade this skill three times, & at its maximum, it increases skill damage by 50%.

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As a Dagger skill, it is limited to use by Andrias Rhondarson. It offers exceptionally high damage when acting out an ambush. This skill is available on many weapons, including the following:

  • Dagger
  • Cutlass
  • Harpe
  • Replica Dagger
  • Dancing Dagger
  • Piercing Dagger
  • Crescent Knife
  • Misericorde
  • Azoth
  • Short Sword of the End
  • Dirk
  • Steel Dagger
  • Parazonium

8/9 Shield Bash

Battle scene showing Izelair & her Shield Bash skill in The DioField Chronicle

Shield Bash is a Sword & Shield skill limited to use by Izelair Wigan & Catherine. This skill deals damage with 200 power & costs 25 EP. Its cooldown period is 8 seconds. It deals damage to its intended target & can inflict the Stun debuff. When players upgrade it twice, it will also have a 100% chance of inflicting Wither.

Because of this skill’s ability to render enemies immobile temporarily, it is an essential skill to have & upgrade. The weapons that have this skill include the following

  • Bronze Sword
  • Silver Sword
  • Short Sword
  • Knight’s Sword
  • Ray Sword
  • Steel Sword
  • Imperial Sword
  • Platinum Sword
  • Claíomh Solais

7/9 Axe Of Grace

battle screen showing Donovar & his skills in The DioField Chronicle

The Axe of Grace skill has a potency of 400, costs 25 EP, & has a 5-second cooldown. It offers the user two benefits. First, it damages a specified target & recoups some HP based on the amount of damage. Second, it inflicts Provoke. As an Axe skill, it is limited to use by Donovar Sullion.

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Upgrade benefits include a 25% chance to give Donovar Rapidity when his HP is at 25% or lower & increasing skill damage by 30%. The HP recovery can be beneficial in a bind to ensure that Donovar survives a battle. It is available on the following weapons

  • Axe
  • Tabar
  • Francisca
  • Knight’s Axe
  • Great Axe
  • Battle Axe
  • Imperial Axe
  • Slasher
  • Mjölnir

6/9 Shadow Step

Andrias in The DioField Chronicle

The Shadow Step will allow Andrias to move behind his intended target to deal damage to them. Any targeted enemy that has a current status ailment will receive more damage. This skill has a power of 350, costs 20 EP, & has a 5-second cooldown.

Fully upgraded, this skill will grant Andrias Rapidity. It is a helpful skill because of its high ambush damage guaranteed & the buffs that Advance with upgrades. It can be used on the following weapons:

  • Replica Dagger
  • Dancing Dagger
  • Mage Masher
  • Misericorde
  • Short Sword of the End
  • Mercenary’s Short Sword

5/9 Roundhouse Slash

Catherine in The DioField Chronicle

Izelair & Catherine can damage multiple enemies within the target area with the Roundhouse Slash skill while also inflicting Provoke. It offers 250 power, 20 EP cost, & a 5-second cooldown period. Upgrades include a 100% chance of the user giving themselves Tenacity & a reduction in cooldown time.

It is an excellent skill for maximizing the party member’s ability to be the tank because of the infliction of Provoke. Additionally, it works wonders when used against multiple enemies at once. This skill is available on:

  • Knight’s Sword
  • Blood Sword
  • Dur&al
  • Courageous Sword
  • Ray Sword
  • Imperial Sword

4/9 Heavy Smash

Donovar talking to Andrias & Fredret in The DioField Chronicle

Heavy Smash allows Donovar to attack with 350 power for 25 EP, with an 8-second cooldown. He will inflict damage on all enemies in the target area before moving on to the target enemy. The lower Donovar’s HP is, the greater the damage he will inflict on his foes. Fully upgrading this skill will inflict Stun when HP is at or below 25%.

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This skill is highly effective against multiple enemies, making it worth the EP cost. Heavy Smash can be used on the following weapons:

  • Knight’s Axe
  • Replica Axe
  • Viking Axe
  • Ukonvasara
  • Ragnarok
  • Chaos Axe
  • Great Axe
  • Imperial Axe

3/9 Avatar Rush

Adrias with Fredret & Izelair in The DioField Chronicle

Andrias can attack with a power of 650 with the Avatar Rush skill. Its cost is 35 EP, with a massive cooldown period of 20 seconds. However, when it deals damage to the intended target, it will double if their health is at 25% or lower. Upgrades include a reduction in cooldown time of 20% & a 50% increase in damage to targets with status ailments.

This skill is highly beneficial when fighting enemies that have multiple health bars. Additionally, when all conditions required by the skill are met, the attack power can increase to 1300. Avatar Rush is available on:

  • Mage Masher
  • Misericorde
  • Short Sword of the End
  • Parazonium

2/9 Phantom Sword

Izelair in The DioField Chronicle

The Phantom Sword skill has 400 power, costs 40 EP, & has a long cooldown period of 20 seconds. Izelair or Catherine can use this skill to inflict damage to all enemies in the target area, causing Weakness. It will also do more damage to the Cavaliers. Upgrades include a 30% reduction in cooldown times & a 100% chance of giving Delay.

This skill is excellent for giving a wide range of enemies Weakness & clearing out a large swath of Cavaliers at once. It can be used on:

  • Katzbalger
  • Murgleys
  • Sword of Creation
  • Claíomh Solais

1/9 Deadly Chaser

Donovar in The DioField Chronicle

Deadly Chaser has a power of 650, an EP cost of 40, & a cooldown period of 20 seconds. It allows Donovar to inflict damage on a target, with Enchanted Beasts taking more damage. Fully upgrading this skill will result in a 100% chance of giving Donovar Might.

This skill is ideal because of its attack power & efficiency in dealing with Enchanted Beasts. Despite having a massive EP cost, it is worth it in exchange for the damage the skill will cause. It can be used on the following:

  • Rune Axe
  • Ragnarok
  • Chaos Axe
  • Mjölnir

The DioField Chronicle is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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