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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get Citrine


Among the many resources, players can find in Disney Dreamlight Valley, gems are the best. Many usually see gemstones as a method to complete a Friendship Quest, but it has other uses in the game, such as crafting Furniture or selling it for extra Star Coins.

Like any gem in Disney Dreamlight Valley, Citrine has two versions; a normal one & a shiny one. The latter is usually more expensive & has a lower drop rate. Luckily, Citrine can be found in two biomes, which increases the probability of the gem’s drop rate.


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How To Get Citrine In Disney Dreamlight Valley

how to get citrine in disney dreamlight valley

To get Citrine in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players need to complete the Royal Tools Quest to get the Pickaxe, then they must target the rock piles with orange gems sticking out. Citrine can be found in either Glade of Trust or the Sunlit Plateau. A quick method to collect the gemstones is by hanging out with a Disney character in Disney Dreamlight Valley which has a mining bonus.

Sometimes, players would mine all possible rock piles & wouldn’t get a single Citrine. It is completely fine, as the mining spots will respawn after a while. If players have the two biomes unlocked, the first one will respawn while the protagonist is mining the second.

Where To Find Citrine In Disney Dreamlight Valley

glade of trust in disney dreamlight valley

Citrine can be mined from either Glade of Trust (5,000 Dreamlight) or the Sunlit Plateau (7,000 Dreamlight). There is a part that’s blocked by giant mushrooms in the former, but the problem can be easily solved by completing A Dark Experiment Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The Quest is issued by Merlin once he reaches Friendship level eight.

sunlit plateau in disney dreamlight valley

As for Sunlit Plateau, players must reach Friendship level seven with Scar to trigger the Circle of Life Quest. After collecting some materials & tending to the Flower of Bones, it is possible to craft a Roaring Shovel Head that’ll clear the bones blocking half the biome. Another great method players can use if they’re far from the required Friendship level with Scar is by entering Furniture Mode & placing the teleportation Well on the other side. After that, simply teleport to the relocated Well & mine all newly accessible rock piles.

What Is Citrine Used For In Disney Dreamlight Valley

furniture that needs citrine in disney dreamlight valley

Citrine is usually requested by characters as a part of a Friendship Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, like Shine a Light Quest for Mother Gothel where she asks for three Citrine. Additionally, Citrine can also be used at the Crafting Station to create Furniture like Round Lampost with Orange Light or Round Orange Three-Pronged Lamppost.

A normal Citrine can be sold for 380 Star Coins while the shiny version is worth 1,500 Star Coins. Players can head to any Goofy’s Stall & sell the gem to earn some coins to buy desired Furniture or clothes from Scrooge McDuck.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.


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