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How To Make Pan-Fried Angler Fish


Pan-fried angler fish is just one of the many recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley, & this is how players can make it.

ingredients to make pan fried angler fish in-game

There’s more to fishing in Disney Dreamlight Valley than catching fish to sell at one of Goofy’s Stalls. The cooking in the game is very extensive with over 150 recipes for players to learn & many of those are fish-based recipes. It’s a lot of fun to experiment with different types of fish & mix them with other ingredients to see what they’ll turn into.

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Having a recipe in h& is always h&y, however, there are so many that it’s hard to memorize them all. This guide will explain how to cook a Disney Dreamlight Valley late-game fish recipe: Pan-Fried Angler Fish. It’ll talk about the necessary ingredients & where to find them all.


How To Make Pan-Fried Angler Fish

pan fried angler fish in disney dreamlight valley

Sometimes characters will walk into Chez Remy & wait for someone to serve them a dish of their liking. The player can serve them & this will boost their friendship level with the character. It only works for a certain amount of time, otherwise, Remy will serve them, & they will leave. So, it’s always good to have a recipe h&y to grab the ingredients quickly & get it done.

If the player doesn’t find a recipe book somewhere with the recipe for Pan-Fried Angler Fish, the only way to get it is to make it themselves. The cooking recipe for Pan-Friend Angler Fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley is Angler Fish, zucchini, tomato, & a potato. All of these ingredients are m&atory & can’t be switched out for any other ingredient of the same type like in many recipes.

Where To Get The Ingredients To Make Pan-Fried Angler Fish

orange ripples

Pan-Fried Angler Fish is a four-star recipe & nearly all of its ingredients Approach from different biomes so it can take a bit longer to collect them. Angler Fish is only obtainable in the Forgotten L&s biome, one of the last areas to be unlocked in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Since it’s a higher rarity fish, players will want to aim at the orange ripples to increase their chance of catching it.

The Forgotten L&s is where potatoes are available for purchase. Tomato is the easiest ingredient to get since it’s unlocked as soon as Goofy’s Stall opens at Dazzle Beach. Zucchini can be purchased from Goofy’s Stall in Sunlit Plateau. For those curious about where they can find every other ingredient in the game, they should check out this guide that mentions exactly this.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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