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How to Make Baked Carp


Baked Carp in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a meal that can be prepared in a short period to restore a lot of energy. Here’s how to prepare it.

finished baked carp, fishing in forest of valor

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Those who enjoy fishing in Disney Dreamlight Valley will be delighted to know that there’s more they can do with what they catch. It’s possible to put any fish & the oven & make a meal out of it. The cooking mechanic in Disney Dreamlight Valley is pretty simple, but there’s a lot to it due to the number of recipes available in the game.

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This guide will talk about the Baked Carp recipe; it’s an easy recipe that can be cooked in a rush but will still restore a lot of energy, so it’s definitely worth making.


How To Make Baked Carp

putting carp in pan & finished recipe

Baked Carp will restore 1,894 energy & it’ll sell for 767. It’s not as lucrative as some of the other recipes in the game, but it’s definitely worth it for the energy it will restore. The Carp is a pretty hearty fish; it restores 800 energy on its own, but adding another ingredient will turn it into this recipe that restores twice as much energy.

To make Baked Carp in Disney Dreamlight Valley, get to a stove & mix together Carp & butter.

Although the plated dish, when finished, appears to have potatoes & lemon, it does not. It’s a simple two-star, two-ingredient recipe but definitely better for gameplay compared to many other highly-scored meals.

Players that want to discover more should keep mixing fish & other ingredients together; it’s always fun to see what surprise recipe it will turn into.

How To Get The Ingredients To Make Baked Carp

carp caught at forest of valor

Now, onto the ingredients. Players can get butter as soon as they unlock Remy & his restaurant, Chez Remy. This can be done pretty early on as it can be the first realm they ever decide to go to. However, if they decide to leave it & Approach back later, it can take a while to unlock the restaurant. Remy sells butter at his pantry for 190 Star coins.

Carp is one of the 25 fish in the game, & using the fishing rod, players can get it from either Forest of Valor or Sunlit Plateau. It’s not a rare fish, so there should be much trouble acquiring it. It’s worth 400 Star coins when sold. Players can also check Moana’s fishing boat from time to time, but nothing guarantees that she’ll catch it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.


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