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Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to Upgrade the Royal Watering Can


Disney Dreamlight Valley players use their Royal Watering Can to water crops, but it can be upgraded to exp& its uses far beyond just that.

dreamlight valley watering can upgrades

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Disney Dreamlight Valley players can upgrade their Royal Tools to allow them to destroy obstacles & harvest more resources, & the Royal Watering Can is no exception. At first it may be difficult to surmise what kind of obstacle a watering can could be used to destroy, but with a bit of dreamlight magic & a few friendship quests under their belt, players will be using their watering can for more than just watering crops in no time. There are currently two main upgrades available for the Royal Watering Can, but more will likely be added in future updates. Perhaps some day players will use it to extinguish green flames in the Forgotten L&s, but only time will tell.


As one might expect, the Royal Watering Can is primarily used for watering crops in Disney Dreamlight Valley. It is separated from st&ard watering cans because it both never runs out of water & greatly speeds up the time it takes for plants to grow. Unfortunately, upgrading it doesn’t make it better in either of these capacities, but it will allow players to clean up the valley & harvest some ingredients in different ways.

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How to Remove Mushrooms From the Glade of Trust

dreamlight valley watering can upgrade

The first Royal Watering Can upgrade allows players to remove the small mushrooms that players can find dotted throughout the Valley, but that are especially present in the Glade of Trust. To get this upgrade, players need to complete Merlin’s level eight friendship quest titled “A Dark Experiment.” In order to clear away the giant mushrooms in the Glade of Trust that block the player from accessing the other side of the area, continue leveling up Merlin & complete his level 10 friendship quest titled “The Final Trial.” With this upgraded watering can, players can clear any giant mushroom & will even get mushrooms to cook with as a reward.

Using Miracle Growth Elixir

dreamlight valley using miracle growth elixir

While not technically a permanent upgrade, Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s Scar update added new craftable items called Miracle Growth Elixir & Even More Miraculous Growth Elixir. Crafting these items isn’t cheap, as they require the new Vitalys Crystals, Rich Soil, & even Dreamlight, but they upgrade, albeit temporarily, the player’s Royal Watering Can even further.

Using Miracle Growth Elixir on the Royal Watering Can makes the next 10 plants that the player waters grow instantly. Even More Miraculous Growth Elixir has the same effect but works on the next 25 plants instead. This is especially potent when used on pumpkins, as these crops normally take at least four hours to grow, but will be done in the push of a button with this item.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is in early access now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X.

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