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New Disney Dreamlight Valley Tweet Teases Possible New Content


The developers of Disney Dreamlight Valley released a cryptic tweet on Monday that may hint at new content coming to the Disney licensed life sim.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Switch

The developers of Disney Dreamlight Valley teased that a new update may be on its way to the early-access Disney life sim. While Gameloft hasn’t revealed much about Disney Dreamlight Valley’s potential update just yet, it seems that fans may be able to expect new content at the end of the month.

French publisher & developer Gameloft announced Disney Dreamlight Valley in April, & the early access version is available now. A life-sim resembling Nintendo’s Animal Crossing, players explore the titular valley interacting with various Disney & Pixar characters. Early access requires players to buy the founder’s pack or have an Xbox Game Pass subscription. However, the game will launch free-to-play on PC, Switch, & Xbox & PlayStation consoles in 2023.


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On November 28th, the developer released a mysterious teaser on Disney Dreamlight Valley’s official Twitter account. It consists of a compass, a downward pointing arrow, a map, & a rocket emoji, followed by the date November 30th, 2022. It’s not clear exactly what’s coming to the game on that date, though a few people shared their guesses in the Twitter replies. “Find a new part of the map launching on 11/30?!” translated Twitter user @melbrewer367. Others guessed that the downward pointing arrow indicates that the new region is in the southern part of the map, which seems like a reasonable interpretation of Gameloft’s cryptic clues.

Even if fans are correct in their interpretation, it’s unclear precisely what players will find in the game’s new update. One Twitter user noted that Gameloft previously announced that Disney Dreamlight Valley is getting new content based on Pixar’s Toy Story. At the same time, other fans hoped for the addition of characters like Stitch. One commenter suggested that the new map location could mean developers are finally opening the Skull Cave from Peter Pan, which is in the ocean near Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Dazzle Beach. While that may be a stretch, many Disney fans would undoubtedly appreciate the addition of characters like Peter Pan & Captain Hook.

Others hypothesized that the map & compass could point to the addition of Treasure Planet content. The film turned twenty years old this month, having been released in the US on November 27th, 2002. However, that may be unlikely given the film’s mixed reception & disastrous failure at the box office. One assumes that Gameloft would prefer to introduce characters from more popular franchises, though Treasure Planet’s current status as a cult classic could be a point in its favor.

While Treasure Planet content might be a long shot, Gameloft isn’t giving fans much to go on. At least Disney Dreamlight Valley players won’t have too long to wait before they find out what developers have in store.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available now in early access for Mac, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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