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Hilarious Image Crosses Over Dr Disrespect with Wendy’s


A hilarious viral image makes the unlikely comparison of the Wendy’s logo & Dr Disrespect, with the two-time champ himself responding.


An image of popular streamer Dr Disrespect being compared to the Wendy’s logo has quickly gone viral, to the point where the humorous image has elicited a response from the two-time champ himself. The character of Dr Disrespect is all about speed, violence, & momentum, & has been known to express his beef with various games he plays. However, the “Where’s the beef?” fast food chain mascot comparison isn’t exactly the beef the streamer was prepared to deal with.


Guy Beahm – the real name of Dr Disrespect – is one of the most recognizable personalities in all streaming. Easily identifiable by his signature mustache, shades, & mullet wig, Dr Disrespect gained his audience primarily by playing – & trash-talking – his way through the latest entries in the Call of Duty franchise. That trash-talking has gotten him into trouble on numerous occasions, including a new ban from Call of Duty: Warzone 2 just days before participating in a $100,000 tournament.

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The viral image in question has been reposted from Dr Disrespect’s official Twitter account, which hilariously illustrates the similarities between him & the iconic Wendy’s logo. The top of the image shows the chain’s logo in its entirety, with the name of the restaurant & the famous pig-tailed redhead girl. Below shows a transformation of the logo into Dr Disrespect, first replacing the skin color & adding the streamer’s sunglasses & mustache, & then lastly a photo of the YouTube streamer himself, with the frame showing how his mullet resembles the Wendy’s logo girl’s hairstyle.

The streamer has clearly had the image sent to him en masse, with the image’s caption a clear indicator he’s over having to see it. Although the comparison is quite the r&om one, Wendy’s has never been one to shy away from the gaming industry. The fast food chain entity has referenced popular titles like Fortnite & Animal Crossing: New Horizons, as well as releasing its own Dungeons & Dragons-like tabletop RPG. More recently, Wendy’s roasted Halo Infinite & Xbox, burning them for the game’s lack of a co-op campaign.

Dr Disrespect isn’t a stranger to being associated with popular consumer br&s either. Last summer, the two-time champ collaborated with gamer-favorite Mountain Dew, releasing a Gamerobics music video about Mountain Dew Game Fuel. The absolutely ridiculous video features Dr Disrespect singing & leading an extreme aerobics class, filled with bonkers moments like one of the class smashing a cinder block with their head after drinking the featured beverage. While the Wendy’s comparison is r&om, both it & Dr Disrespect could potentially be beneficial for both parties should they decide to roll with it.

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