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Subclasses That Should Be In The Game

Dragon Age is a role-playing game that has given its fans the freedom to choose not only what race they play but also from a small amount of classes in each title of the franchise. Alongside these classes is a wide variety of subclasses also known as specializations that players have been able to purchase spells & abilities from as they have leveled up.

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Since the announcement of the creation of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, players have hoped that Bioware will have continued the theme of a few classes with countless specializations to explore. Not only do fans hope for additions to play with they also wish to see these past skill trees & subclasses make a return.


10/10 Artificer

As one of the newest specializations that players can select, this subclasses replaced Duelist in Dragon Age: Inquisition. This may have been due to the class itself being altered to only allow rogues to use dual daggers or bows, however the skills brought with artificer were interesting to use.

While a mage would use their magic & a warrior would use their strength, the rouge has honed its intelligence & skills through creating deadly traps & bombs to catch the enemy off-guard. These new skills added some freshness to the Dragon Age franchise while also being deadly in the right h&s.

9/10 Duelist

Isabela staring at the player in Dragon Age 2

As mentioned in Artificer, this specialization was seen in both Dragon Age: Origins & Dragon Age 2, with it finally being replaced in the most recent title. Unlike the other subclasses for Rogue, the Duelist is far from stealthy as they aim for glory on the battlefield through honor.

This means they tend to focus on one enemy & challenge them in combat alone, dealing an immense amount of damage upfront instead of slinking back into the shadows. In many ways the Duelist is just a quicker warrior, but that hasn’t stopped players from hoping to return to their roots in Dragon Age 4.

8/10 Rift Mage

Solas with glowing blue eyes in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Another new addition with Dragon Age: Inquisition that fans of the franchise enjoyed experiencing was the power of the Rift Mage. As the set subclass of the demigod Solas, these mages manipulate & harness the power of the Fade & the Veil to cast powerful spells.

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It does play similar to the Force Mage from Dragon Age 2, allowing the player to attack their enemies with brute force through abilities such as Veilstrike while also being able to defend their teammates from oncoming hits. Many players also just like the idea of using the Veil against Solas in the upcoming title.

7/10 Champion

Game art of Blackwall in the rain in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Champion has appeared in two out of three games in the Dragon Age franchise, as it skipped an appearance in Dragon Age 2. During the first game Champion was used to boost the player’s companions while in combat to improve the amount of damage they did & was commonly used by those that saw themselves as being the leader in combat.

Meanwhile, in Dragon Age: Inquisition, the Champion took on a more Tank based role, being in the front line of all damage. A majority of players enjoyed these changes & hope to see the subclass appear in some form for a warrior.

6/10 Tempest

Sera aims her bow in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Rogues received quite the makeover in Dragon Age: Inquisition with the Tempest Specialization being another never seen before subclass to be added to the game. Like the Artificer, rogues have used their brain to create bottles of elements to gain the tactical advantage in combat.

Many players have bundled this nicely with using a bow to create an unrelenting force from a distance. Besides elemental damage, players can also boost their overall damage briefly to become the deadly rogue they’ve dreamed of, many players hope to continue to experiment with this subclass in future titles.

5/10 Berserker

A close up of Oghren from Dragon Age: Origins

Warriors were disappointed to see that Berserker didn’t have its own specialization in Dragon Age: Inquisition, & instead the skills were placed into the new two-h&ed skill tree instead. However, with the new game on the horizon players hope that this overpowered subclass will return in all its glory for Dreadwolf.

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Variety is something many players are looking forward to in the next game of the franchise & being able to return to the bloodlust of the Berserker. It will also allow players to create their most unhinged character to date, instead of the typical heroic type.

4/10 Shapeshifter

Morrigan smiling as she talks in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Like the Dungeons & Dragons Druid class, back in Dragon Age: Origins players that chose to play as a mage could specialize in the Shapeshifter subclass. This school of magic allowed a character to change their form into a variety of creatures such as a Spider or a swarm of flies.

Unfortunately, this class wasn’t seen in any of the games after the first of the franchise, which surprised fans who found this to be one of the most interesting specializations for mages. With the improvements of combat that have been confirmed players hope this will also include some fun return abilities like changing shape.

3/10 Spirit Warrior

Fenris running his h& across a magical blade in Dragon Age 2

Mages aren’t the only ones that can be in contact with being of the Fade & therefore in some ways cast magical spells. Those that specialize as a Spirit Warrior have been known to persuade the creatures of the Fade to improve a warrior’s abilities in return for a glimpse of the physical world.

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As players will be visiting the Tevinter Imperium in Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, it would be of no surprise for the Spirit Warrior to finally make its return. Especially due to the strong belief in the power of magic for those in Tevinter.

2/10 Bard

A close up of the Bard from the multiplayer in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Another classic Dungeons & Dragons class that has not been in the game officially since Dragon Age: Origins, the Bard was a rogue specification that allowed players to bolster the resolve & abilities of their companions.

Although there was a Bard character in the Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer, this class could not be used in the main game & many players have missed it since the first title. With so many new additions to the rogue class, bringing back the bard may be on the horizon.

1/10 Blood Magic

Magister using blood magic in Dragon Age: Inquistion

Blood Magic is one of the most controversial concepts of the Dragon Age franchise. With the specialization being available for the character to use in both Origins & Dragon Age 2, it was a surprise to see it missing in the third title.

However, since the game will be traveling to Tevinter, the common place that Blood Magic is still practiced behind closed doors fans hope this brutal line of practice will return. Not only this, but players also hope that with its appearance once more the game will take a deep dive into the morals of blood magic.

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