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Best Things Added In The Bloody Ties DLC


The Dying Light franchise has undoubtedly changed how gamers play zombie games, making an experience that’s more than just shooting down hordes of the undead. In turn, many other developers have been influenced by Dying Light’s play style, not in just gameplay, but how the world itself impacts how players interact with it.After so many delays, players were given the sequel, Dying Light 2: Stay Human, which turns everything up from the first game & makes it more immersive. From the day & night cycle changing up gameplay to a wide-open world, players have a lot to do.

Now, with the first paid DLC, Bloody Ties, players are dropped into a world that made Dying Light 2: Stay Human intense. The DLC mixes in a fight club play style, which gives players a much more violent experience. Much of Bloody Ties plays like Dying Light: Stay Human. However, because it uses area-type gameplay, there are new things that are exclusive to this DLC.


5/5 New Weapons

dying light 2 npcs talking the player

One of the core aspects of Dying Light is the weapons, which are rather innovative in what they can do. In Dying Light 2: Stay Human, guns & ammo are far more scarce, making players Advance up with new ways of taking down enemies & zombies. This is very much the same as the Bloody Ties DLC. The game is arena based, & a bunch of these new weapons work best for this play style — like an electrified sledgehammer, which lets players kill zombies a lot more creatively.

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These weapons do more this time around, because the DLC is set in an arena & does more impact against the hordes of zombies scrambling towards the player. And with creativity, as mentioned before, players can find a rhythm more quickly. It allows them to take down zombies with ease, & these new weapons allow them to do that.

4/5 Richer Story

dying light 2 main stairwell in carnage hall Cropped

The story about Dying Light 2: Stay Human is pretty good for a zombie game, but the Bloody Ties DLC is a far more personal one. Players are notified about an underground fight club & are drawn to it. In the rest of Dying Light 2: Stay Human, the story is impacted by the player’s choices. The Bloody Ties DLC is much like that too, but it’s far more immersive & intimate.

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Once they get the full circus of the fight club, players can feel much smaller, allowing them to grow a lot more fluidly. This can make the story of Bloody Ties way better than the base game. On top of that, the wild cast of characters that Advance with the DLC makes the story much more impactful. The story is mainly about revenge, which can translate better to players & can engulf players better in the story.

3/5 Over The Top Enemies

dying light 2 player using uv light to keep zombies away

Dying Light 2: Stay Human changed how players look at zombies, because rather than being mindless creatures, their environment impacts how they behave. The Bloody Ties DLC takes that & makes it far more interesting, & stranger. The DLC still has the base zombies of the main game; however, the newer enemies make things much harder.

Players can get more creative with how they deal with these zombies. These are faster & bigger, & make the fight club more immersive, because they can feel more rewarding once these zombies go down. While the zombies in Dying Light 2: Stay Human can be taken care of in a normal way, Bloody Ties will require players to think on their feet more.

2/5 Zombie Focused Combat

dying light 2 human attacking a zombie with a uv light

While there are humans in the DLC, most of what players will be fighting are zombies. They may seem unending like waves descending on players, but there’s always something to do. Thankfully, not only is the combat more fluid, but so is the free running. This, in turn, makes the combat more fun. Players can access this DLC at any time, since it’s a side mission, if they are armed with some good weapons & some gear that’s great early on.

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When players are geared up well, the zombie combat becomes doable. Newer zombies can be taken down with ease & much more creatively. This allows players to get immersed in the combat, & with new weapons, players can fight back & actually feel rewarded.

1/5 Fight Club Location

dying light 2 blood ties character in the main hall

The entire DLC is set in an arena & pits players against waves of zombies in a combat-focused playstyle. While these may seem limited, the hall itself is massive & opens up other gameplay opportunities. Carnage Hall has a whole different feel, & makes its story a lot more compelling for fans of the Dying Light series. It also makes gameplay also interesting, because when players don’t have the unlimited sprawl of the open world, they have to change up how they fight.

This can be transferred over to the base game of Dying Light 2: Stay Human. Having one location makes players fight in a specific way. The fight club location also means gameplay does change. Players need to be aggressive & smarter with how they play. This, in turn, can make players a lot more dynamic in the base game of Dying Light 2: Stay Human.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is available now on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, & PC.

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