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Dying Light 2’s Biggest Mystery Remains Months After Launch


Releasing in February of this year, Dying Light 2 has remained fairly active thanks to Techl&’s continued support of the game. Improving upon its predecessor in a variety of ways, Dying Light 2 is a thrilling parkour zombie game with tight melee mechanics, & a surprisingly engaging plot, & compelling, relatable characters. But for long-time fans of the Dying Light series, there’s one beloved character that’s seemingly missing from the game, & that’s protagonist Kyle Crane.


The first Dying Light‘s player character, Kyle Crane goes on quite a harrowing adventure in the first game, destabilizing a gang, & saving Harran from the threat of a nuclear detonation, all while avoiding terrifying infected monsters. Over the course of the game, fans are sure to form a pretty strong connection to Crane, & when he didn’t show up in the sequel, some fans were left a little confused. Even now, eight months later, fans still aren’t sure what happened to Kyle Crane.

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Dying Light 2 Still Hasn’t Revealed What Happened to Kyle Crane

Dying Light 2 Kyle Crane

The first Dying Light sees Kyle Crane airdrop into the walled city of Harran to try & recover a stolen file for the GRE, taken by Kadir Suleiman. During his first few hours in the city, Crane is bitten by a zombie, & becomes infected. Befriending a group of survivors, Crane is given a shot of Antizin by Dr. Zere which keeps his infection at bay. After carrying out a series of tasks for the survivors, Crane eventually finds Suleiman, who is going by the name “Rais.” After confronting Rais, Crane learns that the GRE is planning on nuking the city, & upon broadcasting a message to the rest of the world, the threat is recalled, & the GRE instead Inquire Crane to h& over Zere’s research. Knowing that the GRE wants to cover up its plans to bomb the city & weaponize the virus, Crane refuses, & takes the research to Dr. Camden to try & create a cure.

In Dying Light‘s The Following DLC, Kyle Crane ventures outside of Harran, finding a farm that apparently houses people immune to the virus. Called the Children of the Sun, this cult welcomes Crane after he agrees to perform a range of tasks for them. During a ritual, Crane is forced to inhale a blue gas that makes him invisible to the infected. At the end of the DLC, this blue gas is revealed to have transformed Crane into a sentient Volatile infected, who is normal by day, but feral at night. The player can then either join the cult & bring the “coming of the God of the Sun,” which will detonate a nuke in Harran, or they can drink more of the blue serum to turn into a Volatile & stop the cult. Detonating the nuke fades the screen to white, while taking the serum sees Crane kill the cult’s leader & leave the countryside, eventually returning to Harran, & turning into a Volatile as the screen fades to black.

Set 22 years after the events of the first game, Dying Light 2 introduces a new protagonist, named Aiden Caldwell. Throughout the game, the player can find a range of returning characters from the first Dying Light, some of which will briefly mention Kyle Crane, only saying that he was a hero who met a tragic end. It’s unconfirmed whether Kyle Crane died in a nuclear explosion or if he turned into a Volatile.

If Kyle Crane ended up turning into a sentient Volatile, then it’s not impossible for him to return in a potential future Dying Light 2 DLC. With his ending left ambiguous, Techl& has plenty of opportunity to bring him back, maybe taking players back to Harran for a large-scale expansion. With Techl& planning on supporting Dying Light 2 for the next five years, it would make sense that the developer would want to save Kyle Crane’s reappearance for future content.

Dying Light 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X|S.

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