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Elden Ring Fan Notices A Strange Similarity Between Fire Giant And Jupiter’s South Pole


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A keen-eyed Elden Ring fan has noticed a peculiar similarity between Jupiter’s South Pole & the Fire Giant, one of the game’s most brutal bosses. Elden Ring‘s world is home to some of the most fearsome creatures & bosses in gaming history. These include humanoids like the Crucible Knights, Malenia, Godfrey, & gigantic beings like Dragonlord Placidusax & Astel – Naturalborn of the Void. The Fire Giant is another enormous boss in Elden Ring, known for its massive health pool & challenging fight.


One of the key features of the Fire Giant boss fight is its second phase, where the Elden Ring boss unleashes his true might & becomes nearly unbeatable. During this phase, a large eye appears in his stomach, making him more powerful & allowing him to perform devastating fire-based attacks. Elden Ring‘s lore suggests this giant eye is a personification of the Outer God of fire, who the Fire Giants worship. Now, a player has observed an interesting correlation between Fire Giant’s eye & the largest planet in the Solar System, Jupiter.

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Reddit user legendaryjake uploaded an image showing a strange similarity between the Elden Ring boss & Jupiter. The picture compares the Fire Giant’s eye & a storm at the South Pole of the planet, both of which look quite similar. Upon a closer look, viewers can see a distinguishable pattern of multiple circular formations in the eye of the Fire Giant. Notably, the same circular patterns can also be seen in a storm at Jupiter’s South Pole, as seen in the image.

This suggests Elden Ring‘s Outer Gods could be inspired by real-world celestial objects, like planets, stars, & asteroids. Furthermore, the original poster says that other Outer Gods, like the Greater Will & the Frenzied Flame could also have similar references in outer space objects. The Reddit community appreciated legendaryjake’s attention to detail, as seen by more than twenty thous& upvotes. People also shared additional information that supports this hypothesis. For instance, Jupiter is sometimes called the “failed sun,” & the Fire Giants worship the “Fell God,” hinting at a correlation between the two.

The Fire Giant is one of the most significant bosses in Elden Ring from the lore point of view. This particular specimen is the last surviving Fire Giant, who belongs to an ancient race of enormous humanoids who worship the Fell God, the deity of fire. It is believed Queen Marika waged war on the Fire Giants long ago as she thought the “flame of ruin” could burn down the Erdtree.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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