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Elden Ring Player Tricked By Godskin Noble That Did Not Want To Stop Rolling


An Elden Ring player is drawn into a false sense of security as a Godskin Noble gets staggered out of its most devastating & never-ending attack.

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An Elden Ring player was unfairly tricked by an infamous Godskin Noble attack, who simply refused to stop rolling even after a brief pause. Elden Ring is an already challenging experience, but that does not prevent some foes from trying even harder to punish players.

A few Elden Ring enemies have garnered a fair degree of infamy due to specific attacks in their arsenal, with Malenia, Blade of Miquella, the most notorious culprit. Any Tarnished’s beginner’s luck could see them whittle down Malenia’s health by approximately a third, but then the soon-to-be Goddess of Rot leaps into the air. She complements her already deadly repertoire with a new attack known as the Waterfowl Dance, arguably the most difficult move to dodge in the history of FromSoftware titles. A close second on the list of ill-repute would be the Godskin Noble, who boasts not only one but two frustratingly tricky attacks to evade.


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A video posted to Reddit by Divniy demonstrates why this flesh-wearing god killer can be such a lethal nuisance. The player is facing off against the Godskin Duo, which places both the Noble & Apostle variants in the same fight to duel simultaneously. To even the odds, the Tarnished has summoned Recusant Bernahl & called on the aid of Skeletal Militiamen, brought forth from the using Spirit Ashes. They find themselves in a promising position, with the Apostle seemingly out of commission, only a fraction of the joint health bar remaining & the Noble damaged enough to enter the second phase.

godskin noble blackflame

However, the Noble’s second phase is where both less-than-adored abilities arrive & after forcing the onslaught against it away, immediately jumps up, turns on its side, & begins an all too familiar barrel roll towards the player. A clip of YouTuber KSI is then superimposed on the left-h& side, with the rapper begging for something to go his way, which in this case referred to the player’s ability to dodge the Godskin Noble.

At first, success. The spinning monstrosity narrowly misses the player & KSI responds with jubilation. As the Noble tries to turn, it is staggered out of the roll, left open for a critical hit. Sensing victory close at h&, the player rushes in to strike with their Giant Crusher but is punished by the Noble weirdly continuing the same attack as before. Seconds later & the player is defeated, with profanity-laden frustration from KSI being vocalized in the background – a perfect encapsulation of the vehement vexation the Godskin Noble has manifested within the Elden Ring community.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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