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Elden Ring Invasion Fits Perfectly With Duel Of The Fates Theme From Star Wars


An invasion in Elden Ring works too well when synced to Star Wars’ Duel of the Fates, as two players battle on a moving platform.

gelmir dungeon

An Elden Ring invasion turned from an ordinary skirmish into a cinematic event, accompanied by a famous theme from Star Wars. Elden Ring‘s online multiplayer is often a bloodthirsty & swift affair, but a few confrontations are elevated by the sheer spectacle.

The L&s Between has more than a few locations titled as a Hero’s Grave found anywhere from the starting dungeon to scattered around the Altus Plateau. Found underground, these sprawling dungeons are unlike the majority that players can discover, often boasting an elaborate layout, endless traps, & a magical Chariot that flattens all but the most protected Tarnished warriors. The mechanics present can differ between each, such as the Gelmir Hero’s Grave, one of the shortest but drowning in magma. The molten liquid slows down players sufficiently that jumping onto Chariots is advised to complete this dungeon.


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A video posted to Reddit by Jolly_Old_Lautrec began as any ordinary attempt to survive an invasion would, with the invader suddenly approaching from behind. Dodging away from an Ash of War, the host casts sorceries to little effect, all competently avoided by the invader. This game of cat-&-mouse continues until the host takes up an opportunity to jump onto a nearing Chariot, which drives them away for a momentary respite. At this moment, Duel of the Fates begins to play, providing a subtle symphonic accompaniment to the ensuing conflict.

As the Chariot returns, so does the host. Equipped with a vengeance, they cast Loretta’s Greatbow upon their return &, although hidden behind a pillar in time, the blast catches the invader for approximately a quarter of their health. John Williams’ seminal score sees a crescendo as the invader jumps too late to make it onto the Chariot, repositioning as it traverses up & back down once more. However, their next attempt is successful & acts as the cue for the haunting choir to enter.

A brief exchange of blows leaves the host desperately rolling amidst magma to escape the Chariot that will inevitably return. The invader joins them in an area safe from spiked wheels, fighting until the bitter end, which concludes with a victory for the host. Despite how well the accidental choreography lines up with Duel of the Fates, Revenge of the Sith‘s Battle of the Heroes is arguably a more apt choice for the events that transpired. With the floor evoking memories of Mustafar’s scorching surface, & the moving Chariot platform resembling the droids utilized by Anakin & Obi-Wan during their fateful confrontation, the case for changing the soundtrack is strong.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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