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Elden Ring: Ring of Oath Location

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The Ring of Oath is a crucial key item in From Software’s most recent Soulslike masterpiece, Elden Ring, that’s required to complete Ranni’s questline & access a blocked area. Most players have likely encountered a barrier in the underground region, Lake of Rot, after killing Astel, Naturalborn of the Void. The requirement to pass through the fog is to have the Ring of Oath. However, Elden Ring doesn’t have an item called the Ring of Oath, so what is it really?

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The Ring of Oath is actually the Dark Moon Ring, & it symbolizes a cold oath made by Lunar Princess Ranni. It is said that the ring is supposed to be given to Ranni’s consort. Ranni seemed ready to leave everything behind as she traveled across the stars, but the connection she made with the Tarnished seemed to have changed her mind. Additionally, obtaining the Dark Moon Ring is important for players wishing to have the Age of Stars ending.

Updated November 22nd, 2022 by Jacob Buchalter: This step of Ranni’s questline is frankly, one of the more obtuse & confusing steps of it. And that’s already considering that players have to ride a stone coffin down a waterfall of rot. Right after beating Astel, an already horrifying extraterrestrial creature, the Tarnished comes up against a barrier that asks for a ring of oath. But, the key hint here is that in the pop-up when interacting with this barrier, no part of the phrase “ring of oath” is capitalized, signaling to the player that this isn’t an item named the Ring of Oath, but rather a ring that signifies an oath, AKA the Dark Moon Ring.

Where To Find The Ring Of Oath in Elden Ring

The Ring of Oath or the Dark Moon Ring is actually in a place that the Tarnished has likely already been long before this part of the game. To be more specific, it’s ‌in the Raya Lucaria Academy, in a chest inside the Gr& Library of Raya Lucaria, right next to where Rennala’s boss fight takes place. For players who haven’t reached the Raya Lucaria Gr& Library Site of Grace, here’s a guide below for how to get there from the Red Wolf of Radagon (a boss that can actually be one-shotted).

Go To The Large Staircase From The Debate Parlor Grace


From the Debate Parlor Site of Grace, AKA the Red Wolf of Radagon boss’ room, head out & players should see a large winding staircase to their immediate right. This is the path to the Gr& Library, & the Tarnished needs to walk along one of the stone supports connected to the staircase in order to reach it.

Climbing The Gr& Library Staircase


Jump on the one in the middle, then over the railing, & escalate the stairs. Be careful as there’s a moving sphere trap that’ll cause heavy damage on contact. Watch the magically summoned boulder, as it always follows the same path of bouncing between the two railings of the staircase. And, there’s no way to stop it from summoning either, so players just need to memorize the pattern & run past it.

Getting Past Moongrum, The Carian Knight


Dodge it & travel into the hallway. Before moving forward, players will notice a Waygate on through a doorway on their right side. This Waygate is connected to the Church of Vows & is an alternate method for getting there. After going straight through the hallway. Waiting up ahead is Moongrum the Carian Knight; who can be a bit of a pain to fight thanks to his Carian Retaliation on his Carian’s Knight Shield & the sorceries he casts with his Glintstone Staff.

Players can use the intended route to defeat him & carefully pick away at his health, being cautious of parries (rightfully so) & getting close when he switches weapons (a strangely powerful tactic in PvP). Or, alternatively, they can have him follow them onto the elevator & then kick him off for an easy kill. At the top of this elevator is the entrance to the Gr& Library of Raya Lucaria, where the chest is located.

How To Get The Dark Moon Ring


As mentioned before, the Ring of Oath, aka Dark Moon Ring, can be found inside a chest in the Gr& Library of Raya Lucaria Academy. The chest is in Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon’s boss’ room.

The chest is accessible after defeating the Shardbearer, but, the chest itself is locked & the Discarded Palace Key used to open it is only obtained from Ranni herself in her Minature form after defeating the Baleful Shadow.

Where To Get The Discarded Palace Key


After progressing Ranni’s questline enough to where she disappears from Renna’s Rise, leaving the Waygate behind, players must use it, pick up the Miniature Ranni, & speak with the doll three times at the nearest Site of Lost Grace. She’ll then assign the Tarnished with the task of defeating the Baleful Shadow after her, located in the deeper parts of the underground area.

Unlocking The Chest & Obtaining The Dark Moon Ring


Upon killing the shadow, Ranni thanks the player, tells them to let Iji & Blaidd know that she loves them, & rewards the Tarnished with the Discarded Palace Key. Now, return to the Gr& Library & open the locked chest to get the Dark Moon Ring.


After beating Astel, Naturalborn of the Void, proceed through the, now accessible, barrier & take the elevator down to the Gr& Cloister. Note that this area is inaccessible unless players have the Dark Moon Ring in their Inventory. Finally, enter the Moonlight Altar & give Ranni the Dark Moon Ring to get an Elden Ring weapon, the Dark Moon Greatsword, & unlock the Age of Stars Ending.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PlayStation 4 & 5, & Xbox One & Series X|S.

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