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Elden Ring Player Stomped to Death by Glitching Boss


An Elden Ring boss that is already more than difficult enough decided to stomp a Tarnished to death in a sight that is as baffling as it is hilarious.


An Elden Ring player was stomped to death by a Black Blade Kindred with a glitched attack that is certainly not part of its traditional moveset. Elden Ring has been no stranger to bugs & glitches since release, with boss fights known to occasionally experience them too, & in often hilarious ways.

Some Elden Ring players would have found themselves in the Bestial Sanctum quite early into their journey across the L&s Between. Directed there by D Hunter of the Dead, or through simply discovering the very same Waygate he offers directions to, Tarnished can be offered an opportunity to meet Gurranq, an NPC who requests his hunger be satiated with Deathroot. Just behind the door that players are transported to is an imposing, winged entity, initially unclear whether it poses a threat. Chances are that many Tarnished facing this very situation either attacked or walked in front of it, regretting the foolish choice the second a boss health bar appeared, & discovered that the damage inflicted by their early weapons was utterly insignificant.


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Even stronger characters that confront the Black Blade Kindred face challenges, but typically they derive from the gargoyle’s aggression & life-stealing attacks. A video posted to Reddit by antisocial_dudexx showcases the same boss glitching into the environment, manifesting an entirely novel method of killing Tarnished. The player, equipped with the Grafted Blade Greatsword, strikes the Black Blade Kindred from behind, causing the colossal enemy of stone to leap backward & recompose itself.

St&ing at the top of the Bestial Sanctum’s stairs, the Black Blade Kindred lifts a Greatsword in preparation, but upon performing the subsequent swing becomes stuck within the surrounding architecture. The awkward position causes the boss to rapidly squat in a display that would be nothing but hilarious if not for the player’s misfortune. Dodging the anticipated attack correctly means the Tarnished found themselves right underneath the Kindred, taking enough damage from the glitching stomps to be killed within approximately a dozen of them.

Comments, of course, dubbed it “the ultimate teabag,” in reference to st&ing over an opponent’s defeated body & crouching in rapid succession, made famous from other games like Halo. The glitch was likely caused by the animation for l&ing repeating without end, unfortunately registering with the Tarnished’s hit-box & inflicting sufficient damage, as well as stagger, to incapacitate them until death.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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