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Elden Ring Player Uses Clever Trick to Defeat PvP Invader in Caelid


A clever Elden Ring player shares footage of them using their environment against a PvP invader in the Caelid region of the world.

Elden Ring Player Uses Clever Trick to Defeat PvP Invader in Caelid

A gamer has posted their gameplay footage showing their strategy for dealing with pesky invaders in Elden Ring. Elden Ring is the latest video game released by FromSoftware, which has been previously known for its brutally challenging Souls series. FromSoftware has created its most popular game to date with Elden Ring selling over 16 million copies as of June.

Elden Ring, like the Souls game before it, is mainly a single-player game with the ability to participate in multiplayer in certain instances. Players can summon each other to assist with challenging bosses, but they can also invade other players’ worlds with the goal to hunt down the host & kill them for rewards. Environmental hazards generally support the invader in most situations which is why this gamer’s strategy is so unique.


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In a video uploaded to Reddit by user Jolly_Old_Lautrec, the player can be seen facing off against an invader. Typically, Elden Ring invaders try to lure players towards obstacles that will give them an advantage. The confusion creates a great way for invaders to distract the player they are hunting & give them an advantage. Surprisingly, it is the host who decides to lure the invader in this clip toward a large crowd of enemies. The player suddenly leaps into the mob of enemies with the invader following swiftly behind them.

The player then l&s a critical hit on one of the mob enemies, successfully baiting the invader in the process. After the animation, the killed enemy creates an explosion that damages all nearby enemies, the invader included. Caelid is one of the more challenging areas in Elden Ring, & most players would rather avoid the enemies in this region unless they are grinding for resources. This player is definitely skilled & quick on their feet to have been able to pull off this tactic successfully. It is an Incredible feat to watch & also a testament to the quality of Elden Ring‘s addictive gameplay.

Player exploration is a Huge factor that contributed to the success of the game, & this gameplay clip is a prime example of the freedom at the disposal of the player. Elden Ring was praised by reviewers at launch & is currently one of the most highly rated games ever. It is nice to see the variety of ways players are still finding to create unique gameplay moments almost a year after release.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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