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UK Government Might Know When The Elder Scrolls 6 Is Releasing


A recently uploaded document suggests that the UK government might have been told the release date for the upcoming The Elder Scrolls 6.

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It’s possible the UK government may know when The Elder Scrolls 6 is being released, according to some official documents that mention the upcoming RPG. Given the sheer longevity of Skyrim, with it originally coming out in 2011, it’s safe to assume that many people are growing impatient over the whereabouts of the next entry in the long-running Bethesda series. Nobody really knows when it’s likely to launch, but given how little information has been released by the developer, it’s possible fans may have to wait years.


In fact, The Elder Scrolls 6 might still be in pre-production, & with Bethesda working on the finishing touches of Starfield, its first new IP in a quarter of a century, there doesn’t seem to be much rush for Todd Howard & his team to address TES6 updates. All anyone can really do at this stage is wait, & while there are bound to be numerous leaks & speculations on a potential launch window, it’s entirely possible that some government officials may have already been privy to such information.

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According to a tweet from UESP, as spotted by PCGamesN, a document uploaded to the UK government website outlines the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) investigation of the Microsoft & Activision Blizzard merger. Under one particular section that discusses some “mid-sized” games that are currently under the Microsoft umbrella, there’s a little mention of The Elder Scrolls 6, which states that the game is “not expected to be released before [REDACTED].” This heavily suggests that the launch date for the long-awaited RPG has been revealed, but clearly removed before going live to the public. What this date could be, however, is anyone’s guess.

Last year, Xbox head Phil Spencer said that The Elder Scrolls 6 would be coming after Fable 4, but even the latter is likely to be in development for a good while, possibly years. With that in mind, fans are no closer to underst&ing when the former will actually see the light of day, & it’s bound to be frustrating for some, especially as Skyrim is now 11 years old.

The Elder Scrolls series is known for its immense lore, not to mention its vast worlds of exploration, so the opportunity to experience a br&-new entry is something many have been anticipating for a long time now. Bethesda did release a teaser trailer, but that was back in 2018 & hardly anything has been said about the game since. With any luck, once the developer releases Starfield sometime next year, details about TES6 will be inbound.

The Elder Scrolls 6 is currently in development.

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Source: PCGamesN, gov.uk

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