Electric Prestige Egg Boiler - PEGB – 01
Electric Prestige Egg Boiler - PEGB – 01

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Best Electric Prestige Egg Boiler – PEGB – 01 in India Online 2020

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About Company

In the course of recent decades, TTK Glory Restricted has risen as India’s biggest kitchen machines organization taking into account the necessities of homemakers in the nation. Each Eminence brand item is based on the mainstays of wellbeing, development, sturdiness, and trust, settling on the brand the first decision in quite a while of homes.

Renown select, a division of TTK Esteem Ltd, is an elite retailer for Distinction Items. An eminence Xclusive outlet is the main store where each Distinction Item is accessible 365 days every year. Each model and each variety accessible for you to see and assess. A Customized deals group encourages you comprehend your total necessity and recommends suitable items.

The TTK Group Companies

The TTK Gathering was established in 1928 as an indenting office. Mr. T.T. Krishnamachari spearheaded composed dispersion in India.

The youthful powerful financial specialist set up the conveyance for a wide scope of items going from Nourishments, Individual consideration items, Composing instruments, to Moral items. Appropriation for different brands like Cadbury’s, MaxFactor, Kiwi, Kraft, Daylight, Lifebuoy, Lux, Lakes, Brylcreem, Kellogg’s, Ovaltine, Horlicks, Mclean, Sheaffer’s, Waterman’s and substantially more was built up.

Today the TTK bunch traverses 30 item classifications with 7 gathering organizations and a turnover that cross 30 Billion rupees. The gathering organization items arrive at each landmass of the world. TTK Distinction Ltd. is the leader organization of the gathering.

TTK Prestige Group Companies

TTK Prestige Limited

Consumer durables – Listed

TTK Healthcare Limited

Pharmaceuticals, Medical devices & Consumer products – Listed

TTK Protective Devices Limited


TTK Services Private Limited

NRI Services and KPO

Cigna TTK Limited

Health Insurance JV Company

Prestige Egg Boiler - PEGB – 01

  • 7 eggs without a moment’s delay
  • 3 Bubbling Levels
  • One-Contact Activity
  • Multi-measure cup – for wanted degree of hardness


  • Product Information
  • Product description
  • Features Points
  • Customer reviews
  • Product Dimensions : 12 x 12 x 12 cm; 1.5 Kilograms
  • Manufacturer : TTK Prestige Limited
  • Item model number : 41042
  • Item Weight : 1 kg 500 g

Prestige Egg Boiler Notoriety Egg Kettle is a brilliant ally to energize a solid eating routine. It bubbles eggs with the switch of a catch and consequently stop once they have been bubbled. You can bubble 7 eggs one after another at 3 distinct levels being hard, medium, or delicate bubbled eggs. The multi-measure cup accompanies 3 distinct degrees of markings to help you to bubble at the ideal level. Water is estimated by the quantity of eggs being bubbled. The egg pin in the estimating cup is utilized to jab the eggs before putting them in the plate to bubble them.


      • 3 Bubbling LEVELS:- Glory Egg Kettle highlights three bubbling levels. It can hard bubble, medium bubble, and delicate bubble flawlessly. So now you can accomplish that ideal consistency of eggs without any problem.
      • ONE Contact Activity:- This apparatus heats up the eggs only the manner in which you need them bubbled, at the dash of a catch.
      • MULTI-MEASURE CU:- PThe multi-measure cup accompanies the markings for three unique degrees of hardness, number of eggs, and an egg pin. With this, you can quantify the correct degree of water for the quantity of eggs, and the ideal degree of hardness as shown on the cup. Simply jab the eggs with the egg pin gave, switch it on, and think of it as done.
      • AUTO-SWITCH OFF:- This auto worked in keen egg heater consequently turns off when the eggs have bubbled to the ideal hardness.

Prestige Egg Boiler Customer Reviews

Mohit:- As common astonishing conveyance by Amazon! - I Requested this thing 24th night and got it 25th am. I was interested to do a preliminary, placed in 2 eggs to bubble, and went to make my morning tea. Before my tea heated up, The eggs were prepared. I got a bell sound from the Egg Evaporator (Trusted that the machine will get auto-off, However it didn't get Auto-off), killed the machine, and opened the eggs. It was medium-delicate as I required, equitably bubbled till somewhere inside.

Sayantan Das:- The item is anything but difficult to utilize, simply follow the manual, fill water according to markings on the cup, make a pinhole on the egg top side. It is shockingly simple to clean. After the ringer goes off, meaning that the egg has been bubbled, switch the unit OFF and let it chill for a couple of moments. After that pour a couple of drops of water on the warmer container and let it chill. After that utilizing a delicate fabric clean it off.

I had just one occasion where the egg substance flooded a couple of drops on the skillet and hardened. I cleaned the dish as over, no issues. I unquestionably suggest this item for egg darlings, and individuals who don't have lavish, enormous kitchens.

Conclusion ( Why you should buy this Prestige Egg Boiler)

Presently subsequent to closing all the highlights, subtleties, details, and client audits we can realize that in the event that you are looking through best Arrange Best Prestige Egg Boiler  with particular like Beneficial Content: 3 BOILING LEVELS, ONE TOUCH OPERATION, MULTI-MEASURE CUP, AUTO-SWITCH OFF, 7 EGGS AT ONCE and so on this item is acceptable at this value to run then this is best for you, you can pull out all the stops. In the event that you need something other best Situate Prestige Egg Boiler, you can check different models moreover.

How to Use Prestige Egg Boiler

More About Prestige Xclusive (Prestige Egg Boiler)

Distinction Xclusive (prior known as Renown Savvy Kitchen), the restrictive store from TTK Glory Ltd – a 63-year solid brand and India’s biggest kitchen apparatus organization. Distinction Xclusive has been the victor of the Best Franchiser Grant for a long time in succession. With 545 or more stores spread across 320 or more towns and 27 states, Eminence Xclusive makes some demonstrated memories tried plan of action that has prevailing all through the most recent 15 years.

Envision a store where each Notoriety Item is accessible 365 days per year. Each model and each variety accessible for you to see and assess. A customized deals group encourages you comprehend your total prerequisite and propose suitable items.

The Renown Xclusive isn’t only a store; it’s an involvement with fine cooking. It is an objective for enthusiastic cooks who can get items, books, and tips on fine Indian cooking.

Our stores are a unique area to source your all out kitchen and home arrangements, in one spot. The resolute motivation behind accomplishing 100% consumer loyalty with customized consideration has as of now borne organic product. The greater part of our stroll in clients leave with a Distinction item with them.

The store likewise gives us a chance to interface with our clients and addition invaluable criticism from them, about their exceptional needs. This causes us plan more intelligent kitchen and cleaning gear for their necessities and encourages us spot market drifts early.

Today there are in excess of 545 Distinction Xclusive stores all over India. Our amazing development in retail has advanced the lives of our clients, yet in addition the brand. Esteem is the main brand with this sort of a market presence and the main all out kitchen and cleaning arrangements supplier in India.

Come and experience the store today and change your kitchen into the most cherished space in your home.

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