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Epic Games Store Free Mystery Game Promotion Reportedly Returning in December


Every year, Epic Games Store offers a daily release of video games during the holiday season. Many have been curious as to when/if this would return this year, & known insider Billbil-kun (who has leaked PS Plus, Games with Gold, & Epic Games store free titles accurately in the past) has confirmed it will return, as well as roundabout when. Now, because this isn’t from Epic Games Store itself, it should be taken with a grain of salt, but Billbil-kun has earned the trust of many-a-follower.


Epic Games Store users can currently claim Star Wars: Squadrons through December 1 at 10 am CT, when Fort Triumph & RPG in a Box will become available through December 8. Based on its typical cadence, the company is expected to announce another game, or set of games, that will be available from December 8 through December 15 when the rotation changes up again. This lines up perfectly with Billbil-kun’s comment as to when this Mystery Game Promotion could start.

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According to Billbil-kun, the Epic Games Store Mystery Game Promotion will take place sometime between December 15 & January 10, 2023. December 15 makes the most sense, especially if it gives away 15 games like it did last year, & fans can expect to see that iconic wrapping paper on the Epic Games Store as part of its announcement next week if so. At the same time, within these parameters, it could also Start on the 22nd or later if the company gives away less. However, December 15 does seem like the likeliest date considering Billbil-kun’s comments, as well as Epic Games Store‘s typical weekly giveaways.

epic games store free game vault

Epic Games Store typically focuses on smaller, indie games with its weekly giveaways, although it sometimes surprises fans with major games & even day-one titles like Saturnalia from time to time. The Mystery Game Promotion is where it really flexes though. In the past, it has given away games like Gr& Theft Auto 5, the Tomb Raider trilogy, Control, & Prey, mixed in with other excellent titles as well. It’s hard to know what to expect, but it should be a good time for users.

Every year, there are plenty of fake “leaks” regarding the Epic Games Store Mystery Game Promotion too. These often end up proving untrue or leaching off of Billbil-kun, who has leaked them in previous years too. They revealed them all at one time once before, but because the games were fluid & shifting, many were upset with them. They leaked them one day at a time after that, & if this year is anything like past years, fans can rely on Epic Games for official confirmation but perhaps Billbil-kun too for early information.

Epic Games Store users get a h&ful of games every month.

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