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The Three Great Fairy Magics, Explained


The Fairy Tail franchise is known for its exceptionally powerful wizards & guilds, along with equally impressive spells that aid to the anime’s unique world-building. As Fairy Tail is known throughout the Kingdom of Fiore as the most powerful wizard guild, it comes as no surprise that some of the strongest magical spells in the series have originated from this very guild. Such is the case of the Three Great Fairy Magics, a term collectively used to describe the Fairy Tail guild’s three most powerful spells.


The Great Fairy Magics comprise three all-powerful spells; Fairy Law, Fairy Glitter, & Fairy Sphere. The origins of all three spells can be traced back to Mavis Vermillion, Fairy Tail’s first guild master. Since these spells embody Mavis’ light, they have the power to exterminate all darkness, ridding the guild’s enemies with just one blow. Due to their high mastery & prestige, only a few can wield the Great Fairy Magics, as each spell is shown only a h&ful of times throughout Fairy Tail’s run.

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Fairy Law

Makarov casts Fairy Law

A modified version of Law, Fairy Law is one of Mavis’ first creations & arguably the strongest spell out of the Three Great Fairy Magics. The sheer magnitude of the spell’s range is a testament to its unfathomable power, as Fairy Law has the potential to wipe out even the darkest of foes. Once activated, the spell accumulates a Sparkling light that covers a wide area, inflicting damage on a massive scale in a matter of a few seconds.

Mavis also negated Law’s side effect of harming the caster, ensuring Fairy Law can only target the enemy. The spell discerns whether someone is a friend or foe based on the caster’s heart, meaning the user cannot lie to themselves or the spell. This can be seen in the case of Laxus Drayer, who uses Fairy Law against the Fairy Tail guild members. To his surprise, however, the guild members remained unaffected by the unfettered power of the spell, indicating that Laxus, in his heart, never considered the guild members as his enemies.

Fairy Glitter

Cana casts Fairy Glitter

Unlike Fairy Law, Fairy Glitter cannot be learned by anyone outside the Fairy Tail guild, as the spell is sealed within Mavis Vermillion’s grave. This essentially means that Mavis is the only one who can decide whether someone can wield this ability or not. The spell itself is like no other, as it has been described as a radiance of merciless light that is capable of annihilating any foe it is cast upon.

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The spell requires considerable magic prowess & concentration as its workings are quite complex, since the spell’s magic accumulates light from the sun, the moon, & the stars, concentrating a radiant beam of light at the target. With such intricate workings, no ordinary wizard can cast Fairy Glitter. In the series, only Cana Alberona is shown to be able to master the ability, & that too after Mavis grants her the power at her grave in Tenrou Isl&.

Fairy Sphere

Fairy Sphere Achnologia

Fairy Sphere is the only defensive spell out of the Three Great Fairy Magics, & is unique to the Fairy Tail guild as the prerequisite to cast the spell requires the user to bear the Fairy Tail emblem. The spell works by converting the guild members’ friendships & bonds into pure magic power, which then takes the form of a massive sphere encompassing a wide area.

Despite the spell’s unprecedented power, Fairy Sphere has one drawback; it puts everyone inside the sphere into a stasis-like state, completely stopping time for the ones trapped within. The spell was seen in action when Mavis cast it upon Tenrou Isl&, protecting not just the Fairy Tail guild members but the Isl& as well from Achnologia’s roar. However, it also leaves them in a frozen state for almost seven years, where their bodies don’t age & minds remain still.

The instructions for casting Fairy Sphere state that the spell requires every Fairy Tail members’ power in unison, as it materializes their bonds & faith into an unparalleled power, one that can withst& even the most formidable of powers. Fairy Sphere, along with the other Great Fairy Magics, st&s as a testament to the guild’s unrivaled status in terms of pure magical prowess.

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