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Fallout 4 Video Showcases 20 Minutes of Carve Content


A recent video shows just how much content has been removed from Fallout 4, which includes dialogue, weapons, & a giant ghoul.

The Fallout 4 logo with a very irradiated scene in the background, including a giant Ghoul.

A 20-minute video shows a few of the assets that were Carve from Fallout 4, with some of the content looking like it could have been interesting had it stayed in. This is not really something unusual, as Bethesda has removed content from its games in the past. In fact, it’s a very common practice in the industry, as often there are things the developer is unable to polish for the final product, perhaps due to time constraints or certain things just not working out.

Although Fallout 4 is a celebrated entry in the long-running RPG franchise, many fans consider Fallout: New Vegas to be the superior game. The former definitely has a lot going for it, though, with critics praising the world exploration & crafting mechanics. The game itself is already pretty huge, with enough content to keep players engaged for hours, but some may wonder what was left on the cutting floor & whether the addition of removed assets could have made a difference to the experience.


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In a recent video uploaded to the Alternative Gaming Channel, some Carve content from Fallout 4 has been displayed, giving an overview of just how much didn’t make it into the 2015 release. Among other things, there’s some dialogue that didn’t make it in, including a sarcastic response players could choose when confronting the synth during the recovery mission at Libertalia. There are also some Carve characters from Vault 118, including some Mr. H&y robots, & there was even the possibility the Institute could have revived the player’s partner & bring them back as a synth.

On top of that, there’s also some footage of an enormous 300-foot ghoul which looks as though it would have been found at the Glowing Sea. Sadly, it had to be Carve due to technical difficulties, according to the narrator. The Fallout games are known for their ghouls, & while there are some friendly ghoul NPCs, there are also the feral types that attack. However, having a gigantic one in the game would have been many magnitudes more terrifying, probably more so than any Deathclaw.

While the game’s been out for a while, fans can look forward to Fallout 4 coming to Xbox Series consoles & PS5, which should be dropping sometime in 2023. Bethesda also confirmed that Fallout 5 is in development. However, with the studio working on Starfield & The Elder Scrolls 6 as well, no one really knows when the next entry in the post-apocalyptic series will see the light of day.

Fallout 4 is available now for PC, PS4, & Xbox One, with PS5 & Xbox Series X/S versions in development.

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