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Fallout 4 Gets Fan-Made Mod Inspired by New Vegas DLC


A fan-made mod for Fallout 4 releases, adding a new quest, clothing, workshop items, plus some weapons inspired by New Vegas content.

Image from a Fallout 4 mod showing someone running towards a person who's firing at them.

A mod has been released for Fallout 4 which takes inspiration from New Vegas, specifically some of the weapons from the DLC Old World Blues. As post-apocalyptic video games go, there are plenty to choose from out there, but it’s safe to say that Fallout is one of the most recognizable, beginning life as a cult PC title before dominating the AAA market once the third installment was released in 2008. Of course, no Bethesda game is truly complete without some custom mods.


Since launching in 2015, Fallout 4 has been no stranger to the modding community, with plenty of fan-made content arriving on the scene. While the vanilla experience by itself is pretty vast, with hours upon hours of gameplay, there are many ways to extend the game’s life. Some mods may offer graphical upgrades, new side missions or characters, improvements to the world in general, or alternative starting paths. There are even some modifications that take inspiration from previous entries in the franchise.

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Take “A Taste of Blues” as a recent example. As seen by DSO Gaming, Nexus Mods user Zanthir has unleashed some custom Fallout 4 content that takes cues from New Vegas’ Old World Blues official content. As well as adding a new quest & dungeon for players to explore, one of the biggest changes is the recreation of some weapons from the DLC, including the Sonic Emitter, Pulse Gun, the K9000 Cyberdog Gun, & more. There are also additional clothing items, the return of two challenges from Old World Blues, as well as more than 40 rewards & recipes in the new dungeon.

Image from a Fallout 4 mod showing someone firing the K9000 gun.

“A Taste of Blues” sounds like a pretty expansive mod, with the description saying this content begins after players arrive back in Sanctuary at the beginning of the main game. Considered by many to be the greatest Fallout game of them all, it’s nice to see some love for New Vegas‘s DLC. Some may even have forgotten there even was additional content for Obsidian Entertainment’s 2010 release, so fans may be interested to check out the official DLC as well as Zanthir’s content pack.

Of course, what many are now waiting for is Fallout 5 which Bethesda officially confirmed a few months back. However, given that the developer is also working on The Elder Scrolls 6 & finishing up Starfield, there’s no telling when the next installment in the long-running post-apocalyptic series will see the light of day. It’s likely to be several years before fans get to experience a new story in the Fallout universe.

Fallout 4 is available now for PC, PS4, & Xbox One, with PS5 & Xbox Series X/S versions in development.

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Source: DSO Gaming, Nexus Mods


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