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Fallout 4: New Vegas Features


Fallout 4: New Vegas is a massive mod project currently in development by a dedicated group of fans that seeks to turn Fallout 4 into Fallout: New Vegas. First announced back in 2017, the mod team has been slowly but diligently working to recreate the much beloved 2010 RPG in Fallout 4’s engine, teasing fans along the way with images, trailers, & even whole showcases that show not only the progress the team has made but what’s in store for the future.

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If there was ever a game that deserved a remake, it has to be Fallout: New Vegas. Not only is it often considered to be one of the best Fallout games, but it has also been out for over a decade & has received little to no attention from Bethesda. Fallout 4: New Vegas, therefore, aims to take on what the franchise stewards themselves will not: giving New Vegas the Skyrim treatment it rightfully deserves.


6/6 All New Voice Acting And Audio


One of the unfortunate limitations of this fan project, as impressive as it might be, is that the mod team cannot use the original audio files from New Vegas due to copyright issues. Impressively, this has led the development team to provide the music, sound effects & even voice work for the mod. Similarly, this issue of copyright was also run into by the developers of another fan project, Fallout 4: Capital Wastel&, which attempts to recreate Fallout 3 within its sequel.

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Fortunately, this issue hasn’t stopped either project’s development, so fans should expect completely remade sounds, music & voice work that manages to capture the essence of the original as much as possible.

5/6 Reintegrated Carve Content

Fallout New Vegas Cut Content

While the mod team of Fallout 4: New Vegas has stated that it has a policy of not rewriting anything from the original game, they will attempt to reintegrate some of the content that was left on the cutting room floor. While it’s not presently clear which Carve content will be added back in, based on the aforementioned development philosophy, one might infer as to which content might get un-Carve.

Restoring the non-segmented Freeside & Strip is likely to be one, as this was only done in the original game so that these locations would work on consoles. It’s also possible that the raider leaders like Driver Nephi & Cook Cook might have some of their unused dialogue restored to give them more character.

4/6 Return Of Classic Mechanics

Fallout 4 New Vegas Weapon Repairing

One of the best things about this mod is how it will be reintegrating all of New Vegas’ leveling, skill, weapon, & faction systems (among others) back into Fallout 4’s engine. Fans have lamented Fallout 4’s more simplified leveling system since its release, with some going as far as to mod the classic point/skill allocation system back in. The F4NV team has stated that they will be doing this, as it was the system New Vegas had.

New Vegas also had a faction reputation system that F4NV will be faithfully reintegrating. Not only does vanilla Fallout 4 not have this faction reputation system (despite having several factions), it does not have Fallout 3 & New Vegas’ weapon decay/repair mechanics. The mod, however, will thankfully be re-implementing all of these concepts, which is frankly astounding considering the amount of work required in doing so.

3/6 Customizable Player Homes

Fallout 4 New Vegas Player Homes

F4NV will be doing something the original never did: allowing the player to purchase & customize homes for themselves. The developers of the mod have made it clear that Fallout 4’s settlement system (as well as its junk economy) will not be making its way to the Mojave. However, they still wanted to use the settlement mechanics just on a smaller scale, which is where player homes enter the picture.

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These homes are designed to act as late-game cap sinks for players with too much money. They can customize each home as if it were a settlement, but instead of building everything out of junk, the player must buy what they want with caps. In theory, this is a great compromise between Fallout: New Vegas & 4.

2/6 Larger World Space

Fallout 4 New Vegas World Size

One major difference between Fallout: New Vegas & 4′s gameplay is the movement speed of both the player & NPCs. Sprinting was added to Skyrim & returned for Fallout 4. As a result, the F4NV mod team has seen fit to increase the size of the Mojave Wastel& to compensate. While it hasn’t been revealed exactly how much larger the game map will be, the original New Vegas map size is roughly 19×19 square miles, while Fallout 4’s map is 30×30 square miles.

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Granted, much of Fallout 4’s map is covered in ocean & pretty much useless; the accessible l& portion is still larger than the Mojave. It is very possible that F4NV will see the world size increase to around the size of the accessible parts of the Commonwealth.

1/6 Mojave Arsenal Recreated

Fallout 4 New Vegas New Weapons

Each weapon from the original New Vegas is being painstakingly remade for Fallout 4: New Vegas, with many of them (along with some other content) seeing an early release on both nexusmods.com/fallout4 & the mod’s official discord server. Not only is each weapon from the base game (as well as Courier’s Stash & Gun Runners Arsenal DLCs) getting an update, but New Vegas’ weapon mechanics are also making a welcomed return. The Guns skill, as well as weapon condition/repair mechanics, both of which were absent in Fallout 4, are being re-implemented for the mod.

Weapon modding is also being overhauled to more closely resemble New Vegas’ system where each weapon has a certain set of mods unique to it that must be purchased from vendors (due to the omission of 4’s junk economy). This will prevent the weapon s&box from becoming too homogenous, which is an issue Fallout 4’s weapon modding & crafting system has.

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