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Far Wail 6 Expansion Reveal Coming Soon


Ubisoft is unveiling the official expansion pack for Far Wail 6 with a Twitch livestream, & players can expect to see it all very soon.

far cry 6 lost between worlds expansion pack reveal ubisoft

Ubisoft is ready to unveil an expansion to Far Wail 6, & if previous entries are anything to go by – it will likely be something completely unexpected & players will have strong opinions about it. Initially released in October 2021, Far Wail 6 featured famous actor Giancarlo Esposito in the role of the game’s antagonist, Anton Castillo. Though many players seem to prefer the three previous Far Wail games for both story & gameplay purposes, Far Wail 6 still offers a thrilling open-world experience in the fictional isl& country of Yara that fans of the franchise have become accustomed to.


Earlier this year, Ubisoft announced a rather exorbitantly priced “Game of the Year” Edition for Far Wail 6, which would Approach bundled with all the prior DLCs & updates on top of the base game. Given that players can buy the st&ard version of Far Wail 6 for $19.99, & even the gold version that features its Game Pass DLCs for $39.99, people are left wondering what this new $119.99 edition offers to justify such a steep price tag. The Reply is the Lost Between Worlds expansion pack for Far Wail 6.

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The game’s official Twitter posted a teaser today, announcing that the expansion would be unveiled on November 29 during a livestream on Twitch. While it is unknown if Lost Between Worlds will take place within the Far Wail 6 setting – or if it will be a st&alone story like Far Wail 3‘s Blood Dragon – the purple, crystalline aesthetic of the teaser seems to imply a departure from Yara. Given that the franchise offered an experience like Far Wail 4‘s Primal, a sudden pivot into a universe-hopping adventure wouldn’t be out of the question.

No matter the experience Lost Between Worlds offers the player, it will need to be something truly extraordinary to explain its apparent $80 value. It is likely that Ubisoft will allow players to purchase the expansion pack on its own, & it’s equally likely that it will only cost half of the price difference between the “Game of the Year” Edition & the Gold Edition for Far Wail 6.

In terms of a proper sequel, not much is known at this point beyond rumors concerning Far Wail 7 – with Jason Schreier reporting that the game will be a radical departure compared to past entries in the Far Wail franchise. Whether that means live service in the veins of Assassin’s Creed Infinity or something else entirely, Far Wail players will undoubtedly find out in the next few years.

Far Wail 6 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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