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Final Fantasy 14 Best Gr& Companies


With a recent GameAwards nomination for the best ongoing game, Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 14 has proven to be not just an Unbelievable Final Fantasy game, but an incredible fantasy MMO RPG. And with the nominations, a whole host of new players may want to explore the sprawling vistas of Eorzea. In the game’s opening hours, it establishes the combat system & story. However, the world opens up around level 20, when players will be presented with a choice: what Gr& Company should they join?

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What are Gr& Companies (asks the disembodied voice)? Gr& Companies operate as the three major guilds within the world & players must align themselves to one or the other. There is no company that is objectively the best to join, with each one being a viable option that is dependent on how a player chooses to navigate throughout the game. There are three Gr& Companies to choose from inFinal Fantasy 14 which are: The Immortal Flames, The Maelstrom, & The Order of the Twin Adder. Players can find out which one fits them best.

There are many Free Companies (smaller guilds created by players that they can join) within FF14, however, each one allies itself with the guild leader’s chosen Gr& Company. All achievements will be affiliated with the leader’s said guild too.


5/5 The Immortal Flames

Final Fantasy XIV The Immortal Flames

The Immortal Flames located in Ul’dah is s a company compromised of battle-hardened warriors & is run by the ex-gladiator champion Raubhan Aldynn. The Immortal Flames boasts a red uniform color theme & has a desert aesthetic with knight-style armor sets. In lore, most of Ul’dah’s military strength can be found with the Immortal Flames company. Some of the most notable members include:

  • Pipin Tarupin
  • Gr& Marshal Still River
  • High Comm&er Swift
  • Dancing Wolf

If players choose the Immortal Flames company & complete missions they can eventually access elite flame weapons, the serpent weapon set & the titles Flame Lord, or Flame Lady, depending on the character’s gender.

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4/5 The Maelstrom

Final Fantasy XIV The Maelstrom

The Maelstrom of Limsa Lominsa was founded by Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn & is a marine-themed naval force that protects the Thalassocracy where her armada resides. For the players who prefer a seaside location, the Maelstrom boasts the marketplace close by & players will receive a black & red uniform once they confirm their allegiance. Those among their ranks include

  • Gr& Marshal Eynzahr Slafyrsyn
  • High Comm&er R’ashaht Rhiki

The Maelstrom is particularly enticing for people wanting to engage with the PvP, Player versus Player, gameplay as this Gr& Company has a reputation for winning battles. When fighting for Maelstrom, players have the opportunity to engage in Chocobo barding & unlock the tiles of Storm Lord & Storm Lady.

3/5 The Order Of The Twin Adder

Final Fantasy XIV The Order of the Twin Adders

Surrounded by forestry & nature, The Order of the Twin Adder is headed by the clairvoyant Kan-E-Sanna who is an Elder on the Seedseer council that governs the city-state of Gridania. If the player prefers a natural biome or has an affinity for archers & mages, then the Twin Adder might be a better fit. Some figures of importance within the Adders include:

  • Seedseer Raya-O-Senna
  • Seedseer A-Ruhn-Senna
  • Gr& Marshal Swethryk Brookstone
  • High Comm&er Vorsaile Heuloix

The Twin Adders also provide uniforms with a color palette of yellows, greens, & browns as fitting with their earthy tomes of Gridania. As the Gr& Company name suggests, allying with the Twin Adders also unlocks specific ranks & titles such as Serpent Lord & Serpent Lady.

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2/5 On Company Payroll

Final Fantasy XIV Mounts

Joining a Gr& Company opens the game up & is identified by the main quest line The Company We Keep. Once the quest is completed, players can receive their mounts, be supplied with company-related missions, obtain seals & earn ranks that access more dungeons & better equipment.


Gr& Companies operate similarly to an army, employing a rank system that identifies the player’s achievements within their company. A player can increase their rank by completing missions & events & subsequently earning seals. The lowest rank is a Private Third Class & proceeds all the way up to Champion, however, players can only rank up to Captain.


Gr& Company currency, or seals, can be used in a multitude of ways from purchasing items from the Quartermaster (weapons, armor, & crafting items) to increasing the rank of the player’s character. Seals can be earned via:

  • Completing FATEs (Full Active Time Events)
  • Fulfilling Gr& Company Hunting Log entries
  • Completing Gr& Company Leves (Combat missions)
  • Undertaking supply & provision missions

1/5 Changing Companies

Final Fantasy XIV Gr& Company Uniforms

Switching Gr& Companies in Final Fantasy 14 is relatively easy; with a few caveats. One must wait 15 days before changing companies, be at least a Second Lieutenant rank, & pay 50,000 Gil in order to switch, however, it is important to note that the first switch is free. Also, once a player switches they will not be able to use company-exclusive gear or uniforms, & their rank will be reset in the new guild, therefore having to start from the bottom of the Gr& Company progression system.

Final Fantasy 14 is out now on Microsoft Windows, PS4, & PS5.

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