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New Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts Mouse Pads Are Available for Pre-Order


Square Enix announces that pre-orders have opened for new gaming mouse pads featuring designs from the Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts series.

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Square Enix has recently revealed that pre-orders have opened for new gaming mouse pads featuring designs from both the Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts series. Each mouse pad highlights iconic visuals, scenes, & characters from Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts, perfect for fans that want a piece of the JRPGs on their desktops.

Both Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts are celebrating Enormous anniversary milestones this 2022. Final Fantasy is hitting its 35th year this December, while Kingdom Hearts reached its 20th anniversary last April. Marking the occasions, Square Enix has been busy with announcements for each franchise. This includes updates to upcoming titles in the Final Fantasy series & teasing the next Kingdom Hearts video game. The celebrations also include official products & merch&ise like these mouse pads that fans can have in their homes.


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According to the official Square Enix merch&ise Twitter account, pre-orders for the Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts mouse pads have already opened on the company’s online store. The link shared on the Twitter post showcased the new designs. Some featured games from the Final Fantasy series include FF8, FF9, FF10, FF12, FF13, & FF15, while spin-off titles like Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus, & Crisis Core also get their own mouse pad designs. For the Kingdom Hearts mouse pads, the 20th anniversary key visuals are highlighted, alongside some of the series’ Gorgeous stained-glass artwork.

The rectangular mouse pads will set fans back around $34.99 USD, while the rounded ones are priced $18.99 USD. Shipping date is slated at around July 2023, so fans will have to wait a few months before they can complete their themed desktop set-up. Some replies on the Twitter post showed enthusiasm about the items, though one pointed out that shipping is a bit expensive for the mouse pads. Given that Square Enix only released one design each for some of the Final Fantasy titles in the line-up, some fans seem disappointed at the artwork the company chose to use.

However, given that there is still some time until the actual anniversary date of Final Fantasy, Square Enix is likely to reveal more news as part of the celebrations later on. Hopefully some announcements include more official products & merch&ise like these Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts mouse pad designs. There are likely many within both franchise’s communities waiting to furnish their homes & personal spaces with as many official Square Enix items as they possibly can.

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