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Forgotten Nintendo GameCube Party Games


The GameCube was not a financial success for Nintendo, but it is looked back on fondly for having a deep catalog, with some of the company’s best games being among the console’s library. Because there are so many solid games, it is easy to forget about a h&ful.

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The system was known for having a few solid party games, which ranged from multiple entries in the Mario Party series & the debut of SEGA hit Super Monkey Ball. These games have a legacy on the GameCube, but there are other party games that came & went that many don’t think about nowadays.


8/8 WarioWare Inc: Mega Party Game$

Wario on the cover art of WarioWare Inc: Mega Party Game$

One of Nintendo’s more beloved party franchises is WarioWare, which got its start on the Game Boy Advance under the title of WarioWare Inc: Mega Microgames. Less than a year later, a GameCube remake came out called WarioWare Inc: Mega Party Game$.

This iteration of the series had the same collection of microgames as the original did, but it comes with a h&ful of multiplayer modes for up to four players to try. They each take advantage of using the microgames in a unique party twist, but the game itself is not talked about often among the best party games on GameCube.

7/8 Wave Race: Blue Storm

A racer in seventh place in Wave Race: Blue Storm

An iconic title for the Nintendo 64 was Wave Race 64, which itself was a sequel to the Game Boy game Wave Race. This arcade racing game centered around riding on jetskis in 3D environments felt like a huge innovation for the gaming industry at the time. Wave Race: Blue Storm, the follow-up, didn’t quite hit those same highs.

Still, the GameCube title was lots of fun, with a variety of modes, including Time Attack & Stunt Mode. Multiple players can pick up the game & participate in either Championship Mode, which puts players through a circuit of different courses in various weather conditions, or Stunt Mode.

6/8 Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure

Woody skating towards a soldier in Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure

There is always a desire for skating video games to have depth to them, but one of the forgotten GameCube party titles actually has a lot of it. It just also includes a bunch of Disney characters that would otherwise not be on a skateboard. But that is the beauty of Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure.

From Tarzan to Simba, players will have a range of different characters to choose from before diving into a skate park that is set in a multitude of different worlds based on popular Disney films. For those looking for a party experience, try picking up Versus mode, which pits two people against each other in skating challenges.

5/8 Pac-Man Fever

Pac-Man & other Namco characters fishing in Pac-Man Fever

The classic arcade game of Pac-Man could in itself be considered a fun party game, but Namco decided back in 2002 to release a game that was truly fitting of the party genre: Pac-Man Fever. The game had a lot of similar features to Mario Party, which may be why it didn’t st& out.

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Up to four players could compete in each round of Pac-Man Fever. After selecting the game length & which board to play on, players would be placed into the game with the goal of making it to the finish line. Along the way, players will compete in minigames based on the board’s theme.

4/8 Rayman Arena

The cover art of Rayman Arena in North America

Before its third game, Rayman was seen as a delightful platformer during the 1990s by the developers at Ubisoft. But while Rayman 3 was the bigger title on the GameCube, a game that didn’t get many people’s attention was the spin-off party game Rayman Arena.

Referred to as Rayman M in Europe, players can face each other in two different modes: racing & battles. These two aspects branch off into four total modes, which include a time trial mode & unique variations on the arena battles that take place.

3/8 Monopoly Party

A four-player Party Mode in Monopoly Party

When looking to have fun at a party, it is fair to want to Fracture out the board games to play around a table. But luckily, there are plenty of video game versions of famous board games if people don’t want to deal with all the extra physical pieces. A great example of this is the forgotten GameCube party game Monopoly Party.

While there will always be four players, there only needs to be one human player, as the rest can be computer-controlled. Along with a bunch of different boards that can add variety to the experience, players can pick from either the classic Monopoly game or “Party Mode,” which allows everyone to roll at once & keep the game moving quickly.

2/8 Shrek SuperSlam

Donkey charging Prince Charming in Shrek Super Slam

There aren’t that many movie tie-in games anymore, but the GameCube library was filled with them. Among the many titles under this umbrella was a party game based on the first two films of the Shrek franchise called Shrek Super Slam.

Considering itself a fighting game, Shrek Super Slam has three modes. “Melee” is the primary mode; players will need to fill up their “Slam” meters & unleash an attack on their opponents, with each one hit earning the player a point. There is also “Slammageddon,” which just focuses on earning points through every hit, & “King of the Hill.”

1/8 Karaoke Revolution Party

A man in a top hat singing in Karaoke Revolution Party

Konami doesn’t publish as many games as it used to, but among its original franchises was a game that was perfect for parties that had friends coming together to sing. Karaoke Revolution Party was a unique spin on the Karaoke Revolution series in that it had minigames.

The game’s biggest pitch is how it can judge a player’s singing ability in real-time thanks to a compatible microphone. If singing isn’t quite what the party has in mind, a GameCube-compatible dance pad works with the game as well, in case people want to give their rhythm a test.

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