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Former Bloober Team Dev Working on New PT-Inspired Horror Game


Artur Łączkowski, ex-designer for Bloober Team, is working on a new horror game that’s being built in Unreal Engine 5 & is inspired by PT.

The Unreal Engine logo with a PT-style corridor behind it.

A former employee of Bloober Team, the Polish studio responsible for the indie horror hits Layers of Fear & The Medium, has released a teaser for an upcoming game that is being created in Unreal Engine 5 & takes inspiration from the Hideo Kojima’s PT. With Bloober now working on the remake of Silent Hill 2, all eyes are on the developer to see how it h&les a modern reimagining of this iconic survival horror title.

Artur Łączkowski was a designer for Bloober but made the call to leave the company in March 2022, citing personal reasons. Ironically, back in 2020, Łączkowski announced they were working on their own indie game that was inspired by Silent Hill, but sadly the project was cancelled shortly before it was due to be released. However, the developer is now back, & some information has Advance to light about a new game they’re working on, with a teaser really doling out the creep factor.


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As spotted by DSO Gaming, Łączkowski has announced a new survival horror title, their first game since leaving Bloober Team. A trailer on YouTube says it’s being developed in Unreal Engine 5 & is inspired by Hideo Kojima/Guillermo del Toro’s cancelled game. In the teaser, viewers will see a dingy & bloodstained hallway, very similar to the one from PT, before the camera pans into a side room, in which a young boy can be seen devouring what looks to be a dead body. In a post on Twitter, the designer said it took them a long time to “return to game development,” & while there are no further details about this upcoming project, not even a title, it will have some “Huge names” attached to it.

Despite being dropped by Konami in 2014, PT left a lasting impression on the horror world, with a number of games molded by what Kojima & del Toro unleashed. Titles such as Visage, MADiSON, & even Resident Evil 7 have leaned towards photorealistic visuals, combined with a foreboding sense of dread in a nightmarish world that takes place in a localized area.

Overall, horror gaming is in something of a golden age, with so many releases that have Advance & gone, with plenty more on the way. There are a lot of remakes to look forward to & also some new IPs on the horizon, & although very little is known about Łączkowski’s game, that just makes it all the more intriguing, especially for Bloober fans.

Bloober Team is currently working on the remake of Silent Hill 2.

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Source: DSO Gaming, Twitter


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