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The Good & Rotten Revealed So Far

Two years after its initial reveal, Forspoken should be something of a known quantity. Many delays later though, & the game retains some unknowns, despite being just two months from launch. Forspoken has certainly not been helped by some problematic marketing from publisher Square Enix, & this, coupled with some fairly hefty delays, means that fans are still unsure what to make of the game. Recently exciting-looking gameplay reveals have begun to drum up anticipation again though, & fans will be hoping this will outweigh some Rotten publicity the game has experienced so far.


Square Enix has some history when it comes to poor marketing, with previous titles such as Guardians of the Galaxy & Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin falling victim to their own presentation. Both of these titles, however, managed to shrug this off & were well-received by critics & fans on release. Forspoken will be hoping to do the same, & the game has already gone some way to easing doubts with recent gameplay trailers showing off a fluid, engaging-looking combat & traversal system that looks to be unique when compared to some of the more conventional open-world titles.

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Forspoken’s Reception Has Been Mixed So Far

Forspoken‘s Frey Holl& & the world of Athia have had a troubled development path so far. Gamers would’ve expected to have already gotten their h&s on the title by now, but thanks to two delays this year alone, this is not the case. The most recent delay has pushed the title from October back to January 2023; Square Enix & Luminous Productions claimed it was a strategic decision, & developer Santa Monica Studio’s God of War Ragnarok likely played a significant part in that thought process due to its early November launch. These delays have only served to frustrate fans, but should the final product be worth the wait, then these frustrations will quickly be forgotten.

Early marketing for Luminous Productions’ ambitious action-RPG raised more than a few eyebrows thanks to trailers featuring some cringe-inducing dialogue, uttered without any context by protagonist Frey Holl&. Frey herself may have a hard time being a likeable protagonist, & her feistiness & sarcasm haven’t quite struck the right chord with some fans. Her apparent talkative nature is in danger of coming across as annoying, & it appears that she has a bit of work to do in order to win players over. Finding out more about her backstory may help this significantly though, & at a time when the industry is embracing female leads more than ever, her eventual popularity should not be ruled out at this stage.

Where the game seems to be shining so far is in its gameplay elements. Several trailers have showcased Frey’s wide range of magical abilities which can seemingly be used for offense, defense, & even traversal. Frey has been shown zipping around the map using gliding & jumping spells, while her magic provides powerful & unique ways to dispose of enemies. The world of Athia promises to offer up plenty of challenge & intrigue, & Forspoken‘s spell combos should lead to some highly dynamic combat & traversal options. Open-world games usually stick to a fairly rigid template in terms of combat mechanics, & even navigation, so it’s refreshing to see a title try to deviate from the norm.

While Forspoken still has some work to do in order to fully convince fans of its undoubted potential, judging by the most recent gameplay reveals, fans should find plenty to love about the world of Athia. Square Enix has a promising year ahead, with huge titles like Final Fantasy 16 & Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth scheduled for release in 2023 as well. Barring any further delays, it will be hoping Forspoken kicks things off on a positive note in January.

Forspoken releases on January 24, 2023, for PC & PS5.

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