Genshin Impact: Amber Constellations Complete Guide


If there’s a character in Genshin Impact that has developed a love-hate relationship with fans, it’s Amber. She’s widely loved for her kindness & how she welcomed the Traveler when they first made it to Mondstadt. Later on, fans learned that the Outrider was even more kind to Collei when she reached the region of freedom.

Unfortunately, all those good acts didn’t save the poor bunny girl from being underused because of her lack of skills in the actual Genshin Impact gameplay.


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Is Getting Amber Constellations Worth It In Genshin Impact?

amber wondering in genshin impact

Surprisingly, getting Amber Constellations is not worth it in Genshin Impact. While her Elemental Skill & Burst give her a clear goal to follow in team compositions, each one of her Constellations pursues a different role she can play. For example, her C1 buffs her ability to play as a Main DPS, while her C2 greatly enhances her Sub-DPS playstyle. However, for Amber fans that want to make the most of her kit, her C6 is the best Amber Constellation in Genshin Impact since it gives her a decent buff for her team.

C1 – One Arrow to Rule Them All

amber c1 constellation in genshin impact

  • Effect: Fires 2 arrows per Aimed Shot. The second arrow deals 20% of the first arrow’s DMG.
  • Importance: Medium

C1 Amber can fire two Pyro Arrows from Charged attack in Genshin Impact. It’s a useful passive to have against shielded enemies that require multiple Pyro hits to be stripped from their shields. Other than that, there’s no real use for C1 Amber’s double Arrows in hardcore gameplay like the Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss.

C2 – Bunny Triggered

amber c2 constellation in genshin impact

  • Effect: Baron Bunny, new & improved! Hitting Baron Bunny’s foot with a fully-charged Aimed Shot manually detonates it. Explosion via manual detonation deals 200% additional DMG.
  • Importance: Low

Having C2 Amber Baron Bunny on the field would make sense to serve her role as a Sub-DPS. However, in a game like Genshin Impact where all challenges are time-based, Baron Bunny is too clunky to deal DMG, especially if players are forced to aim down Amber’s Arrows in between crowds to hit the Bunny’s feet.

C4 – It’s Not Just Any Doll…

amber c4 constellation in genshin impact

  • Effect: Decreases Explosive Puppet’s CD by 20%. Adds 1 additional charge.
  • Importance: Medium

Amber Puppet works great as a distraction that can deal some mediocre DMG with enough effort from Amber & her team. Adding another charge to C4 Amber’s Bunny would double the DMG of her Elemental Skill & increase her pulling power on papers. However, as mentioned before, in time-based combat, the Baron Bunny is too Clunky & unreliable to be counted on.

C6 – Wildfire

amber c6 constellation in genshin impact

  • Effect: Fiery Rain increases all party members’ Movement SPD by 15% & ATK by 15% for 10s.
  • Importance: Priority

When casting her Elemental Burst, C6 Amber buffs her entire team’s ATK by 15%. It’s a built-in Noblesse Oblige passive that would perform perfectly with the actual Noblesse Artifacts. Amber on 4pc of Noblesse Oblige grants her team 35% ATK, which can be extremely useful to characters that depend on ATK for DMG like Xiao. The Outrider’s Burst also has a low Energy requirement & cooldown, meaning players can easily maintain the buff she provides.

In addition, as a Bow user in Genshin Impact, Amber can easily trigger Elegy for the End’s effect with her Burst. Elegy provides an extra 20% ATK, which brings her total buff up to 55% extra ATK.

Genshin Impact is now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, & PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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