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Genshin Impact Player Shows How To Assemble Perfect AFK Team Comp


A Gesnhin Impact video demonstrates the power of a specific team composition that relies on deploying skills that do damage over time.

Genshin Impact Layla idle animation

A Genshin Impact player has created an interesting type of team composition that can take out any Overworld enemy group with almost no effort. The game’s combat system allows players to have up to four different characters in their party, but they need to choose units that have great synergy.

Genshin Impact requires players to combine different elements in the game in order to increase the damage potential of their team. The recently added Dendro element has introduced a number of new elemental reactions which added much-needed combat diversity to the game.


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Reddit user caucassiushas has shared an interesting video showing the power of their team composition which consists of Layla, Nahida, Raiden Shogun, & Kokomi. All the player has to do is deploy every Elemental Skill in his team & Layla’s Elemental Burst & watch the DoT effects do their thing. The two new Genshin Impact characters that arrived in update 3.2, Nahida & Layla, play a huge role in this type of team comp. While Lalya’s banner is still active, players will have to wait a couple of months to get the chance to pull for Nahida again as her banner expired a couple of days ago.

Fans claim that the Dendro Archon is the most important part of this team composition since her Elemental Skill, All Schemes to Know, allows players to connect up to eight different enemies with each other. Triggering elemental reactions on at least one of the targets will deal tons of Dendro damage to the whole group even when Nahida is not on the field. The player didn’t even have to use her Elemental Burst, which would probably end the fight even sooner.

Her Archon colleague, Raiden Shogun, also plays a Huge part in this team comp as her Eye of Stormy Judgment has the ability to unleash coordinated AoE Electro damage whenever a team member attacks an opponent. This elemental skill is also great for players that need additional Energy Recharge in their team composition.

The only four-star character in this team, Layla, has Unbelievable uptime on her Elemental Burst, Dream of the Star-Stream Shaker, which makes her create a Celestial Dreamsphere that constantly deals AoE Cryo damage to nearby opponents, similar to Ganyu’s Burst. She can also deploy one of the strongest shields in Genshin Impact with her Elemental Skill which allowed her to go to sleep in the video without worrying about any upcoming damage.

Genshin Impact is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, & mobile devices. A Switch version is in development.

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