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Atreus’ Biggest Changes Since 2018’s God Of War

Warning: Spoilers for God Of War RagnarokWith God Of War Ragnarok featuring multiple story beats, action sequences, & emotional moments, the character development within Atreus s clear to see in this game. Growing from such a young age in God Of War (2018) to the more mature teen he is this time around, there is a lot for fans to analyze & unpack regarding this character’s evolution.

While some of his traits remain from the last game, these have also seen a change. Santa Monica Studio has illustrated a far more in-depth Atreus & this is partly down to his massive overarching importance within the entirety of the game’s story.


5/5 He’s Impulsive

From the very moment the game begins, players are faced with Atreus’ frustrations with the lack of answers to his questions regarding Loki. With tensions rising between him & Kratos, further down the line it is clear to see that Atreus acts on impulse. In the desperate attempt to try & rescue his father from his prophesied death, he makes his way to Asgard & is met by Odin whilst trying to gain his trust.

God Of War (2018)’s Atreus did also feature the same impulsive & relentless attitude, but was due to his young age & lack of experience, whereas this time around it is out of love. This personality trait within Atreus st&s as a catalyst for character development throughout the game, as fans will know that he comes to regret some of his actions such as leaving home in a fit of rage.

4/5 Adolescent Independence

Atreus & Kratos

One of the biggest changes from Ragnarok‘s predecessor is the drastic change in Atreus’ capabilities, & his ability to fend enemies off without his father’s help. Beforeh&, it was more about Kratos ensuring Atreus could practice, learn, & grow within combat along with a general sense of maturity.

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Given the expected death among characters in the game, including Kratos himself, there are multiple elements here that adhere to a story of Atreus’ coming of age & the need to become independent as he continues to grow & learn. On this occasion, Atreus is now playable. Not only can he survive & hold his own, but he does so in a very satisfying & convincing way. It becomes clearer after each quest that he intends to twist the prophecies & save his father.

3/5 The Evolving Father-Son Bond

Atreus & Sindri

Through the multiple periods at which the player is without Atreus when in control of Kratos, there is a part of the puzzle missing, especially in the eyes of Kratos. Freya is a companion after making amends & accepting that Odin is of bigger importance than killing Kratos. However, the dynamic between father & son is missing. Once the pair are together again, it is further made clear. As much as Atreus needs Kratos, Kratos also needs Atreus & is fixated on ensuring his safety & survival is guaranteed even if he dies doing so.

While he is still inexperienced in some areas throughout the game’s duration, Atreus very much st&s as a formidable ally to all the main characters in Ragnarok. All of this is further affirmed when even his own father tells Freya that he is not concerned about Atreus’ ability to fight, as he is very capable of h&ling his own.

2/5 His Eagerness

Atreus Sindri

The disagreements & arguments between father & son in God Of War: Ragnarok partly stem from Atreus’ eagerness to find answers, explore more regarding prophecies, & attempt to protect those he loves. This was present in 2018’s game, as Santa Monica Studio was able to convey the curiosity that Atreus holds, but given the time between the two games, this level of intrigue appears to have grown even more.

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It enables multiple different adventures for players to embark on, resulting in completion in the aspect of visiting all of the nine realms. This character’s eagerness & independence go in conjunction together as it not only prepares him for life after the prophesied future, but also equips him with the ability to fend off foes with far more conviction.

1/5 He’s Grown More Mature

Atreus in GOW 2018

The exponential growth in Atreus’ maturity between his first few adventures after learning that he was a God, to current events within Ragnarok is very clear for fans to see. When coming up against a defeated & weak Modi, Atreus showcased an unforgiving, cocky, & arrogant nature in killing him when defenseless. After Kratos’ numerous occasions of scolding him, & the years spent between God Of War (2018) & Ragnarok, the transition to a wiser & more grown-up Atreus was certainly successful.

Despite still containing the hidden ‘Spartan Rage’ inherited from his father, Atreus eventually comes to learn how to control this & use it at will, further proving the progression toward becoming a sophisticated & level-headed God. With the likelihood of another title being centered around this character, there is room for more development for fans to see.

God Of War Ragnarok is now available on PlayStation.

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