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God of War Ragnarok Director Reveals the 3 Things That Had to Happen in the Game


God of War Ragnarok director Eric Williams was told that three specific things had to happen in the game’s sequel to properly conclude the franchise’s Norse mythology story. God of War Ragnarok launched earlier this month to rave reviews from critics, with many hailing it as a Game of the Year front-runner. God of War Ragnarok‘s story has seen some of the most praise from critics, & so it’s no surprise that it’s up for Best Narrative at this year’s show as well.


WARNING: This article will have MAJOR SPOILERS for God of War Ragnarok, so proceed at your own risk.God of War Ragnarok‘s story brings an end to the Norse mythology saga that started with the 2018 God of War game. In it, Kratos & Atreus find themselves at odds with the likes of Thor, Odin, & other mythological beings as they struggle against their own destinies. As far as the story goes, God of War Ragnarok director Eric Williams was told by creative director Cory Barlog of three things that had to happen in the game, as revealed in a recent interview by IGN.

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According to Williams, the three things that had to happen in God of War Ragnarok‘s story were: the apocalyptic Ragnarok event had to happen, Atreus had to leave, & Brok had to die. Of course, as anyone that has completed the God of War Ragnarok story will know, all three of these things Advance to pass by the time the end credits roll.

Atreus & Brok

Ragnarok takes place at the end of the game with Kratos & Atreus leading the charge. The two gather their allies & invade Asgard, which is ultimately destroyed by Surtr. Odin kills Thor, but the Norse Allfather is ultimately killed by the dwarf Sindri, who destroys the stone housing his spirit. With Odin’s death & the destruction of Asgard, the need to showcase Ragnarok in the game is fulfilled.

As far as Atreus goes, he does end up leaving his father & heading off to go on his own adventures. Atreus joins up with his friend Angrboda, & the two set out to search for any giants that may still be living in the world. It’s unclear what happens to Atreus & Angrboda next, but perhaps their journey will be explored in a future God of War game.

And finally, Brok does indeed die during the events of God of War Ragnarok. In God of War Ragnarok‘s most-shocking twist, it’s revealed that the Tyr that had been with Kratos & the group for the majority of the game was actually Odin in disguise. Odin reveals himself after stabbing Brok, killing the fan favorite dwarf in the process.

God of War Ragnarok is out now for PS4 & PS5.

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