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Where To Find The Flame Phantom In Vanaheim’s Crater (And How To Beat It)

Once Kratos & his companions reach the late chapters of their journey in God of War Ragnarok, they will have the option to travel to Vanaheim’s Crater & save Birgir. Once players reach the arena, they’ll be greeted by a dragon, which they will fight later.

Vanaheim’s Crater is Huge & filled with dangerous enemies & bosses. One boss, in particular, is difficult to find in God of War Ragnarok. Players have to initiate the Nocturnal Predator Favor & collect some ritual runes to summon the Flame Phantom for battle.


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How To Complete The Nocturnal Predator Favor In God Of War Ragnarok

The Nocturnal Predator Favor starts once Kratos comes across a struggling animal with a purple aura around it in the Vanaheim Crater. To complete the Nocturnal Predator Favor, players have to free all those struggling animals & fight the final boss that will be summoned after.

saving the wounded animal in god of war ragnarok

There are three struggling beings eaten by the Wisps, scattered around the middle metal plate. To save these animals, shoot a Sigil arrow at the animal location, then burn the Sigil mark with Kratos’ Blades of Chaos. That will cause the Wisps to flee the animal’s body & move to the middle metal plate, locked inside their runes again. Once all three animals are cleansed from the Wisps, the Flame Phantom will appear & players must defeat it to finish the Nocturnal Predator Favor.

How To Beat The Flame Phantom In God Of War Ragnarok

the flame phantom in god of war ragnarok

Just like the other Phantoms, the Flame Phantom requires a different strategy to be defeated in God of War Ragnarok. The boss has tons of ranged attacks, compared to a h&ful of melee moves. So, staying close to the boss & getting stuck to his head is the best combat approach. Since the boss is literally on fire, use the Leviathan Axe, or the Draupnir Spear that’s granted in later God of War Ragnarok events.

The Flame Phantom’s main HP is protected until players are able to fill its Stun Meter. The best way to fill that meter is to aggressively attack the boss’s purple head until it falls down, then go berserk on it. Once the Meter is full, the boss will disappear & Kratos now must destroy five pillars that hold purple energy. The pillars can be destroyed in any order, & it’s nearly impossible to destroy more than two pillars before the Flame Phantom wakes up again, so the boss should go down a couple of times until defeated.

1st pillar in god of war ragnarok

The five pillars are scattered around the arena, & they’re extremely easy to find since they’re the only glowing structures in the area. The eastern one is on another cliff where ranged attacks are the only possible attack to destroy it.

2nd pillar in god of war ragnarok

There is another pillar to the east, right before the one on the other cliff where Kratos can easily reach & destroy with any melee attack. Note that there’s an exploding poisonous plant hiding there.

3rd & 4th pillar in god of war ragnarok

The western & southern pillars are also unreachable & players must use ranged attacks to bring these springs down.

5th pillar in god of war ragnarok

Finally, destroy the last pillar to summon the Flame Phantom back without any HP.

how to beat the flame phantom in god of war ragnarok

The boss will fall after any type of damage it receives & Kratos can now grab its head, beating the Flame Phantom in God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarok is available now for PS4 & PS5.

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