God of War Ragnarok Players Discover Neat Callback to 2018 Game


In a game filled with detail, a perceptive God of War fan discovers an Unbelievable connection between Ragnarok & the first title in the Norse duology.

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It’s plain to see that God of War Ragnarok is a labor of love by Santa Monica Studios, & one of its players managed to stumble across an interesting callback to the preceding game that only helps reinforce this fact. When the sequel launched on November 9th, God of War Ragnarok rapidly became the fastest selling PlayStation title of all time, firmly establishing God of War as the platform’s preeminent franchise. Though Kratos & his adventures have always been popular, even during the original trilogy, the franchise is arguably undergoing a renaissance with its Norse saga.


Plucking Kratos away from Greece & establishing a new dynamic through the introduction of Atreus has catapulted the story towards greatness, allowing the development team to inject a lot of heart & attention to detail throughout the entire experience. While the new God of War games have retained the glorious combat roots of the franchise, the new dimension provided by an emphasis on cinematic storytelling played a major role in elevating the franchise to its current popularity.

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A God of War fan going under the name Mr. Button Boy has shared a rather fun detail from the scene where Atreus, Kratos, Tyr, & Brok are dining at Sindri’s place. Namely, the cups on the dining table happen to match the ones from 2018’s God of War artifact collectibles for The Mountain. As far as Easter Eggs go, it’s certainly an enjoyable type to Advance across with the right amount of subtlety. Many players in the comment section knew the cups had a distinctly familiar feel to them, but couldn’t quite make the connection until Mr. Button Boy pointed it out.


Plenty of love & care went into the development of God of War Ragnarok, & it’s quite possible that players will end up finding new details & Easter Eggs several years in the future. It’s an experience that transcends its audience & effort that Santa Monica Studios put into the Norse saga for God of War has paid off tremendously. That being said, now that Kratos’ story has Advance to an end, many players are wondering what the next step for the franchise is going to be.

A very likely direction, & teased as much within the game itself, is that Atreus will take the place of Kratos as the new God of War protagonist. It’s quite possible that his journey might take him to the other l&s visited by Tyr, with these hypothetical sequels set to explore mythologies such as Egyptian, Mayan, Japanese, & Celtic. It’s too early to tell if this will end up the case, but the foundation was firmly laid in Ragnarok, & the scope of the franchise has been blown wide open.

God of War Ragnarok is available on PS4 & PS5.

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