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Funniest Characters In God Of War Ragnarok


The horn has blown for the start of Ragnarok! Players can jump into the br&-new God of War: Ragnarok title right now & experience Kratos’ next adventure alongside some awesome characters such as Freya, Atreus, & the mighty Thor. However, this roster of characters does feature more than just warriors & heartless gods.

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Players get to interact with some hilarious figures such as Mimir, Brok, & Sindri who help players along the way & right through to the end. If players are looking to avoid SPOILERS, it is recommended readers bookmark this page & Approach back to it at a later date.


6/6 Mimir

Mimir God of War Ragnarok

Mimir, known as the smartest man in the world, acts as a narrator for the majority of the game, giving fans plenty of dialogue & exposition to help them underst& the world of God of War & Norse mythology. In the first game (God of War 2018) Odin trapped Mimir in a tree where he would stay until Kratos freed him by chopping his head off & taking it to Freya who was able to reanimate the head.

This character brings some hilarious comedic moments to the game with his quick wits & charm. Fans of the game will fall in love with him again as he adds a lot of background & depth to the world players explore.

5/6 Brok & Sindri

Brok & Sindri God of War Ragnarok

The Dwarf brothers of Brok & Sindri act as players’ armorer/blacksmith throughout the game, helping them to upgrade their weapons & armor to fight bigger & more lethal enemies. These two were definitely a fan favorite in GoW 2018 & their relationship is well-developed throughout the story.

Ragnarok helps to explore their motives & background with the exploration of their home Svartalfheim & Nidavelir. The events toward the end of the game also bring out a side of the brothers that players weren’t expecting to see.

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Brok’s hilarious voice lines paired with Sindri’s squeamish personality create an awesome yet chaotic relationship between the brothers & players will enjoy every second spent with them.

4/6 Thor

Thor God of War Ragnarok

As one of the main antagonists of God of War, players were expecting Thor to be a very one-dimensional enemy with simple motives. However, Ragnarok‘s opening fight with Thor really throws fans off from the start as Kratos invites him into his home for a drink. Players quickly Open to realize he is rather different from his MCU counterpart as an overweight drunk father struggling with lots of problems, both internal & external.

Players also get to see him among his people during an Atreus mission in the middle of an Asgard bar fight creating some hilarious juxtaposition alongside his daughter, Thrud. So, although Thor is one of the biggest & bold gods in the Norse pantheon, his character brings some hilarious comedic breaks within the main story.

3/6 Tyr

Tyr God of War Ragnarok

Tyr has become quite the mystery over the last few years, but God of War: Ragnarok gives players some answers. When players are first introduced to this character, he is far from the God of War fans were expecting to meet.

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Its clear years in imprisonment in the Applcore Mine on Svartalfheim have driven Tyr to a point of insanity making him timid & scared of any interaction. This is a rather scary moment in the game as Kratos was somewhat relying on Tyr’s help to stop Odin, but it is hilarious when compared to the Tyr players were expecting to meet & fight alongside.

2/6 Ratatoskr

Ratatoskr God of War Ragnarok

As the guardian of the World Tree, Ratatoskr tends to Yggdrasil & sends messages from the Eagle at the top to the dragon at the bottom called Nidhoggr. Ratatoskr’s charming personality brings some much-needed comedy to an intense moment of the game.

This is where players Open to travel between multiple realms & learn of Ratatoskr’s multiple personalities. This brings a lot of depth to the character as the only one in the series to do this. The developers have really managed to capture his squirrel-like nature in a way that even makes it strange to hear him talk as he seems like such a grounded & realistic animal.

Ratatoskr also brings a range of side quests to the game allowing for much more depth & exploration of the character & the world players explore.

1/6 Surtr

Surtr God of War Ragnarok

As the initiator of Ragnarok, players may be thinking Surtr is as heartless as he is when depicted in other common media. However, players do get a short interaction with the fire giant that helps to build his character & develop his motives for Ragnarok.

He’s clearly not one for a long conversation as he is rather short when Atreus tries to convince him to join their plan for Ragnarok. But our protagonist does get a good underst&ing of his internal thought process when he considers joining Kratos. Although Surtr himself may not be necessarily “funny” his interactions really shine a light on who he is & the decisions he’s made.

This really adds to the entire theme of subverting expectations in God of War as players see from the start the main characters are far from the two-dimensional brutalists they are described as. It’s awesome that these characters are developed to be more than just their role in the story & helps to build a bigger picture of everyone’s motives behind their participation in Ragnarok.

God of War: Ragnarok is available on PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5.

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